Murphy Martin's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 5, Sugar & Spice

"Well, I grew up in San Diego with my family and always wanted to move to Los Angeles since I started high school. Not because I wanted to get away or anything, but because I really wanted to be able to connect with other musicians my age in a place where so much music is made. Los Angeles is the best place for anyone trying to make it big to live, so many opportunities! 

"I've thought about going to USC for music, and I bet that I could get in if I really wanted to... but ever since my YouTube channel started getting popular, I haven't had all that much time to think about more school. Especially now that these jobs started popping up for me to do... Seems best to keep working on my channel on my own time instead of moving into a dorm or anything like that.

"Besides, I love my room! It's so cozy, I've got my lights set up on the walls, all my posters, my little recording corner with a few of my instruments, my video supplies, computer... and I'm close enough to home to visit my folks when I'm free! It's not that I've never thought about moving somewhere else, it's just that everything that I could ever want is already here in Hollywood, so why would I?"

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

Link Answered after Contract 5, Sugar & Spice

"Most of my money comes from Patreon and YouTube Ad Revenue. YouTube's income stream is sometimes kinda scary, especially since I will post covers of other people's music. Even with permission, the stupid algorithm always thinks that I'm just recording songs from Spotify and putting them on my channel. I always feel like my channel is a few steps away from getting demonetized, and from there I have no idea how I'd move forward on the platform...

"I have a smaller TikTok following, even though I like to use it in my free time. Since it's just me posting videos and stuff, it's always been hard to try and edit my content for all of the different platforms that people expect me to post on. So, my TikTok is more slice of life, with posts of me hanging out with friends and visiting places around LA. Every once in a while, I'll make a post about new videos, but those don't usually get as much engagement. Maybe one day I'll be more successful on TikTok, but for now, most of my energy is going toward YouTube and Patreon content!"