Danielle Laika's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 5, The Weirdling Planes of Poldahk

A camcorder has been left in Danielle's cabin, the origin of which is unknown to Danielle. On the side is a sticky note that says reads Answer Honestly in steady handwriting. She finds a small booklet in her pocket after picking up the camcorder, itself smelling faintly of cigarette smoke. Each page has a question, though not all of pages have been filled out yet.

Danielle places the camcorder on a precariously stacked collection of firewood from outside and hits the record button. The framing is slightly askew due to the makeshift tripod. She walks across the room to sit back down in her large, padded chair in the living room of her log cabin and leans forward, taking the book out the back pocket of her overalls. She recites the question, then continues with the answer.

"Where I live is kinda out in the middle'a nowhere, on purpose. I don't much like dealing with people, and people don't seem to so much like dealing with me. The cabin that I put together with my late husband is here in East Texas. Closest 'big' city is Lufkin, and even that one ain't too big, and it ain't even all that close. I live here because, well, I don't much feel like moving anywhere else. I'm close to where I buried my husband and my daughter, and that's the way that I'd like to keep it. I get enough of the big city on those damn jobs. And I get plenty of the redneck types when I go into town. Naw, I'm gonna stay right out here, where I can hunt my food, stock up on firewood, and just... be alone with me and the forest."

"This is my cozy little handmade cabin," she says, gesturing around her. There are various knicknacks on shelving on the walls, and the entire place looks quite lived-in. "My husband was good with the decorating, so I try and kept his spirit alive in here. We've really only got a few rooms in here. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, and some closets. Gotta take it outside if you need to use the bathroom. Outhouse. Thing's're always breakin' out here, but I keep it from gettin' too shabby. None too many bug problems, at least."