Aerin Macklemore's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 2, "Fishheads

I have lived in many places in my lengthy, considering how much the world has changed in just a single century. It is astonishing. As for where I currently reside, I am in a little place referred to as Ansley Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Why do I live there, you ask? That's simple really, it was a nice place that I could afford most of the upkeep on at the moment and also because it could fit my library of all the books I have acquired throughout my existence any books I will find in future, especially as of late.

The home itself is a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a basement and other basic amenities, except that I had turned 4 of the 5 bedrooms into a large living space that contains several... I mean many, many historical finds, enough to be considered its own miniature museum. Nice place overall, 7/10.