Nyoka Mpumulingisa's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

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KwaZulu-Natal, resides the Zulu monarch, presently King Misuzulu Zulu kaZwelithini, calls this place home, as do I, a warrior under their rule (For now). Located in close proximity to the city of Newcastle, I have a boxing gym which I live besides in an apartment complex. My living space has a single room that serves as both my home and my sanctuary, furnished with only the essentials. A comfortable bed for rest after intense training sessions, a gas stove for my culinary needs. Keeping in line with a minimalist lifestyle, my apartment has minimal furniture, allowing for a clutter-free environment. As I continue to pursue my passion for boxing, this simple life serves as a benefit in other ways: I can immerse myself fully in my craft, save money for when I need it, and not allow other worldly distractions from my Ancestral prayer.

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

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My amazing life as an assistant boxing coach and Heavyweight boxer, I find joy in helping young boxers and achieving my own success in the ring. As a coach, I inspire and motivate boxers with my knowledge and experience, helping them reach their full potential. It's incredibly pleasing to see them grow and succeed, and I get paid to do both.

In addition to coaching, I train hard, stay disciplined, and have strong determination to be the best in my weight category. When I step into the ring, I fearlessly use my technique, strength, and agility to overcome any challenge. The prizes for fights, and days spent coaching gifts me not only combat prowess, but as I said before, money. I invest that back into Boxing, and helping out the community.

 I have learned important lessons about resilience, perseverance, and the strength of the human spirit. It's an honor to be a role model for aspiring boxers and continuously push my own limits as the unmatched Champion Heavyweight boxer. The Money is just a perk of passion.

3. Describe your Ambition. What are you striving for? How far would you go to achieve this? Would you kill for it? How close to death would you come for it?

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Nyoka Mpumulingisa's ambition to become the ultimate warrior of the Zulu Kingdom and rebuild the Zulu Empire is fueled by a deep sense of pride and honor for her people and their history. She believes that the glory of the Zulu Kingdom must be restored. She knows that to achieve her goal, she must be willing to push herself to her limits and beyond. She is willing to train tirelessly, fight fiercely, and face any opponent, no matter how formidable. She is prepared to face the ultimate test of her skills, strength, and determination in order to prove herself as the ultimate warrior of the Zulu Kingdom. Nyoka's ambition is not just about personal glory or power. It is about honoring the legacy of her ancestors, protecting her people, and ensuring the survival and prosperity of the Zulu Empire. She is willing to make any sacrifice necessary to achieve this, even if it means risking her own life and others. She does however believe in honorable combat and fair play, and she will not stoop to dishonorable tactics or actions unless the opponent chooses that that would be fair play.

4. What was the most defining event of your life (before signing The Contract), and how did it change you?

Link Answered after Contract 5, Monster Hunter: Island

Winning my first ever professional boxing match. As I stood in the ring, my heart racing, my adrenaline pumping, I could hardly believe that I had made it to this moment. The months of training, the sacrifices, the sweat and tears had all led to this one moment of truth. As the bell rang, I focused all of my energy and determination on my opponent. Xie Meng; Chinese Rookie boxer with a win record of 7-0. 7 Knockouts.

The first round was a test of both sides, and I could feel their skill with every clash. Further on, I could feel the power and strength coursing through my veins as I defended against them, dodging and weaving with precision. The crowd roared with excitement, their cheers and shouts fueling me to push harder and fight with everything I had. Before I knew it, it was the 10th and final round. My eye was swelling, they were still fine, or, at least I thought she was. My coach took me to my corner, consoled me: The points were not in my favour, if I didn't get a TKO on this round, my first match would end at a loss... I had to do something.

I sat up to fight in the tenth round, beating my gloves together before going all out. My opponent staggered back, her knees buckling beneath her, and I rushed in. Something overcame me, the rage, the bloodlust, the desperation. I countered almost every one of their punches, pushing them to their corner and hailing down a barrage of attacks. I had them in my grasp, they were about to break, and I was about to launch the final straw, but then... 3 dings. I backed away, panting heavilyas the weight of the loss overcame me... The feeling of failure, of loss and dissatisfaction. My first match.. A loss...

And then, a grasp from behind me, people rushed in besides Xie, medical officers. What was happening? People entered into the ring, lifting my arms and cheering. I was so delirious, I thought I had lost, but those three bells was them throwing in the towel. I won... I actually won!

The joy and elation I felt in that moment are something that I will never forget. It was a moment of triumph, of victory, and it was a feeling that I would chase after in every match that followed. That first win was a testament to resolve, my hard work, and my unwavering belief in myself. And it was just the beginning...