Tabatha Van Sterling's Questionnaire

1. What town or city do you live in? Why do you live there instead of anywhere else? Describe your home.

Link Answered after Contract 1, To Dust

I live in the good ol' Wyngate Manor in the state of Pennsylvania. I have wanted to own a castle since I was a poor little girl just roaming the younger world of man. I only live there because, at the time of the land's sale, it was the one I could afford and also wanted simply due to its cost of maintenance, the site itself was comfortably away from other people, which is always a plus when it comes to being on the more solitary side of life as someone like me is. My home itself is what you might imagine when hearing words like 'manor' or 'castle' but you could also describe it as a very particularly built mansion if that helps to further your imaginative minds.

2. How do you get your money right now? What do you spend it on?

Link Answered after Contract 1, To Dust

Partially from an investment from a long, looong time ago. Honestly, my mind's a little fuzzy on that tidbit of information, but I'll divulge the process. I own a few shares in multiple, numerous business sectors of many companies that have risen and fallen in the many years America has been a country. Some gave me a split before filing for bankruptcy and some... Didn't. Still mad about a few of those investments and how they went nowhere but otherwise, I am satisfied with the current things that I've invested in and or getting paid back in interest from. Money is quite a strange concept with how it flows semi-circularly.

3. Describe your Ambition. What are you striving for? How far would you go to achieve this? Would you kill for it? How close to death would you come for it?

Link Answered after Contract 1, To Dust

Killing all Lycanthropes. All. Every. Single. One. of them. I despise these creatures, more so than my kin. I have no qualms about committing the most atrocious, godforsaken, FILTHY ANIMALS. Anyone willing to stop me in my pursuit can and will be eliminated without even an iota of hesitation, and not with a shred of guilt either. I may have some exceptions and some people I would rather talk out of stopping me, but otherwise, I will go as far as I deem necessary to eliminate those creatures from this world. And with that being said, yes some people have to die for such a thing to occur and I would have to come near the cusp of death anytime I would have to engage in such trivialities.

4. What was the most defining event of your life (before signing The Contract), and how did it change you?

Link Answered after Contract 2, Sugar & Spice

World War 2.
That... Vile showcase of how evil the human race fully ruined me. It led me to never again use any of my abilities as a vampire until recently.
I saw it all, blood, gore, the screams of unfit men fighting for their countries, the lives of men manipulated by those of higher power making them engage is such deplorable acts, and the monsters in sheep's skin that chose to hide among these unqualified men and do many disgusting things in the name of their so-called patriotism and for the sake of their motherland, when really, they are all ruthless monsters. Humans can be as worse, if not even worse than the monsters they choose to scare themselves with in their stories and fiction... And that's why I attend these contracts, to hope for a change, to see if my assumptions of these creatures were wrong... and if they truly deserve my mercy.

5. How was your childhood? Who were your parents? What were they like? Did you attend school? If so, did you fit in? If not, why not?

Link Answered after Contract 4, Sanctuary

My childhood, you ask? I shall entertain speaking into this void for such...

It was an uneventful life, my father died before I could ever really remember anything notable about him, my mother always spoke kindly of him, and I tended to her ailing body... Eventually, she passed, but by then America was already independent of British rule... And much more occurred... I have had to re-enter school more times than I can count due to the sudden upsurge in what one could learn in formal education... Eventually, my lifeless yet immature mind took hold of a dilapidated castle and began my collection of books and the occult... Many wars had ensued during times between here and there, so I never really grew close to many people... I never truly fit in with others as our timelines of existence never clicked... one moment I see their birth, the next I'm invited to their weddings and after... I was there to pay respects at their funerals.
To be something like me never truly could be described as a wonderful or good experience.

6. Have you ever been in love? With who? What happened? If not, why not?

Link Answered after Contract 4, Sanctuary

It appears you just want me to talk about John more huh?

Very well... I was one of those few cases who were allowed to join what was at the time referred to as the Great War, the one to end all wars... How they underestimate themselves, these humans do. Anyway, I joined in on the battlefield, it was cold and bloody, and so many corpses lay strewn above and below the trenches... I had met John, he was gravely injured and I had to lend him a helping hand even though it seemed he was a lost cause... Much time passes in between returning to be medically aided, for him to recover and etcetera... We had grown close in that time, but unfortunately, he was unceremoniously blown to smithereens in a trap laid by the opposing Germans...

John... I do miss you sometimes.

7. Name and briefly describe three people in your life. One must be the person you are closest to.

Link Answered after Contract 5, Sanctuary

"John.... Oh John my dearly beloved, he was certainly my favourite mortal.... Jonathan Edwards... Great man, an even greater soldier. Back then, my abilities weren't as egregiously rusty as they are currently... He was a great friend and an even greater lover, though with my curse of immortality, I knew it would never last, but I expected it to last longer... I wished that it lasted longer. But he was one of the many casualties of war at that time. Rest well, my love."

Another person of Note would be my birth giver, my mother Priscilla being one of the few people who knew of my curse and never scorned me for it, as it was never truly something within my control. I miss her every day as well...

And finally comes my Butler, the most trustworthy Oliver Adamson. He has not been someone I could discern as a threat to my existence or what I chase after. He seems to be within the age most mortals would begin dying from natural causes but I suppose I still have time with him... As to whether we will remain cordial as I continue with these contracts remains to be seen.