Lilith (Lily) Weider
She Who Carries Another

A 9-Victory Novice Contractor played by TheSuperChrisb in The Illumination

Lilith (Lily) Weider is a Charming Gothic Hemomancer who will risk her life to conquer Death, whoever they may be (Alternatively: break their family’s blood-curse).

She is 24 years old, and often appears as a pale woman with hazel-green eyes, a serious, angular face, and straight, blonde, shoulder-length hair. She wears alt/goth fashion, usually in blacks and dark reds. On her forearms are deep, ever-present wounds that refuse to heal, which she covers with thick medical bandages.

Lilith (Lily) Weider lives in The Illumination, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day.

Her journal, Hematology vol. X / A. Fleischer, has 14 entries.













3 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

4 Brawl

0 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

3 Firearms

2 Influence

2 Investigation

3 Legerdemain

4 Medicine

0 Melee

4 Occult

0 Performance

3 Science

4 Stealth

0 Survival

0 Technology

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Lilith (Lily) Weider is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Wound Penalty

(Lilith (Lily) Weider has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


7 Mind





  • Motherly Codependence: Will do almost anything to protect your family (Mind Diff 8 to keep them in harm’s way). Must contact at least one of her family once a day, otherwise take a -1 penalty to all actions for each day that you’re out of contact (Family includes: Dio, Crowley, Harry, Naamah).

  • Focus

    Assets And Liabilities

    +5 Gifted: Start with one Gift.
    +1 Ambidextrous: You suffer no dice penalties for using the "wrong" hand.
    +2 Clear Conscience: You have +2 dice on all Trauma rolls.
    -4 Hemophilia: Your Injuries are treated as being two levels of Severity higher for the purposes of Stabilizing them and for degradation. This means that even a Minor Injury requires stabilization, and will degrade if left unattended. Injuries are not considered a higher level for calculating Wound Level.


    The Illumination
    FBI Tracking Chip This is a small pill-shaped implant on the base of skull that allows the FBI to track you. It will kill you if you do not receive a special injection once a month. If you go longer than 5 weeks without an injection, roll 1d10 every day until you get a 1. If you get a 1, the chip explodes, dealing 14 damage, unsoakable by most armor. Attempting to remove requires an Outcome of at least 5 on a Intelligence + Medicine roll, difficulty 8. A lower outcome will cause it to explode.


    FBI "Agent" You have been given a new face and identity by the FBI. They can offer a new alias and face once every 4 months. They will prevent you from being incarcerated for most crimes. You are not allowed to live within 500 miles of your family.


    At one time, Amaryllis's arms were normal, unscarred, and white as a dove. She would wrestle with her brothers, surrounded by soft and fluffy couches, plug protected outlets, and edge protected tables. They were safe, mostly, until one gave another a shallow scratch with their fingernail. From even a single scrape, the children would ruin rugs and throw pillows as the Fleischer Family Curse took its toll, forcing them to make a sizable plasma donation to the house. They all knew the risks, of course, they had the band-aids and medical bandages on hand to stop the bleeding. They continued their roughhousing beyond earshot of their parents...

    Amaryllis's mother, Dahlia, knew the truth of their family's curse. She understood that time was running short as Sorin had already passed away years before. She and her husband studied the occult, making a fortune by reading futures, holding seances, and investigating hauntings. The greatest ritual they ever developed was one to break their curse. She knew Amaryllis, the first-born, would need to be saved first, as soon as possible, before she followed Death to meet her husband.

    Something was not right, Amaryllis had passed out early in the bloodletting phase of the ritual. She struggled against her bindings and exasperated the new cuts on her wrists. The long gashes and otherworldly lettering on her arms wept until they went blue. Dahlia completed the runes and smeared a circle in blood around her daughter before realizing that the ritual was faulty. She then realized that her baby girl was on Death's door. She rushed Amaryllis to the hospital in heavy bandages, but her body would refuse to close her wounds. Dahlia would die a year later, consumed by the knowledge that the ritual failed.

    She was wrong.

    You gain the following benefits at all times.

    Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0.

    Through experimentation and practice, Amaryllis is now able to shape her blood into a powerful attack. As part of this attack, she usually augments her switchblade with a long, vicious point. Even without the switchblade, she can create a deadly spike in the palm of her hand to shove in the nearest enemy's neck. The stabs she inflicts with her deadly spike leave burning wounds as some of her blood mingles on the skin of her foe. Unlike a normal weapon, the wounds created by this spike refuse to heal through natural means as the Fleicher Family Curse mingles with the flesh of the untainted.

    After some time, she can now use this ability without harming herself, learning to shape the spike with higher accuracy.

    Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a target within 45 feet. Roll Dexterity + Brawl Difficulty 6. The target may contest by rolling to Dodge or Defend as a Reaction, Difficulty 6.

    If the contested Outcome is positive, the target takes that much damage plus 3. Armor is reduced to 1/2, rounded down against this damage.

    You may use this Effect to Defend or Clash in Combat, including against ranged attacks such as firearms.

    The target suffers a -3 dice penalty for the next hour or until the Injury is healed. This dice penalty does not stack multiple times on the same target.

    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    After Amaryllis's near-death experience, Cornelius Valentine used his healing abilities on her unconscious body to stabilize her. He noticed that the blood on her hands began to bubble and shimmer, matching the same pinkish light as his healing magic. Something about her essence amplified the healing beyond its normal capabilities as her wounds began to knit together underneath his hands. Cornelius left thinking little of the event, but something inside of Amaryllis took note of the powerful magic her body had received. The Passenger memorized an echo of the demi-god's healing, drastically speeding her body's rate of recovery.

    You gain the following benefits at all times.

    Any Injury you receive heals quickly, reducing its Severity by one level each day, starting once it becomes stabilized. Battle Scars caused by your Injuries will remain.

    Amaryllis has found more success in developing finer control over her blood over the past two months. The Passenger, as unruly as it is, has given her enhanced speed, dexterity, and reflexes. They have become more of a pair now, realizing quickly that their survival is reliant upon their cooperation and synthesis.

    Amaryllis takes a moment to focus and center her mind, asserting partial control over her physical form while the Passenger continues to fight. Letting her instincts take over allows her to focus on the movement of blood around her body. She is able to harden sections of blood underneath her skin at will, creating temporary plates of armor the moment an attack would harm her. This is a tiring activity, though, and can only be consistently used for a relatively short amount of time.

    You gain the following benefits as long as Only Active while Cursed Lineage: Awaken is active..

    You have 3 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

    You may Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to double your armor rating for the Round.

    It's a lot of work being a student and a contractor, especially after having to suddenly transfer not only identities, but also medical programs. Since Amaryllis was pronounced dead, it would take a little bit of finagling for Mr. Walter to supply the University of Chicago with convincing documents to Lilith's history. With a few favors and some time, Lilith Weider was officially accepted into the Masters program at Pritzker College of Medicine where she can continue her studies.

    Lilith's understanding of medical terminology and methods was already quite strong by now, but imbuement has rapidly increased her rate of learning as well as her curiosity. She began by experimenting on small mammals such as rats and mice, learning how to manipulate the blood in their systems to stabilize inflicted wounds. With her consent, she tried it on Naamah as well, willing the dog's blood to stitch an incision back together and scab over in a matter of seconds. Recording this all in a journal, she began to gather some useful research on how to combine her understanding of medicine with her new supernatural abilities. One day soon, the notes will be obsolete as she perfects and memorizes her methods.

    In addition, she has learned that just a single drop of her blood is able to keep any harvested body part in a fascinating form of sterile stasis, be it blood, limbs, or the heart of a lizard-person. She's realized that her body can be used as a storage unit for foreign blood as well, keeping a suspended sample directly in her veins.

    You gain the following benefits at all times. You must actively and obviously be using Blood Magic Research Journal to gain the benefits of this Effect.

    All Stabilizations you attempt are considered Proper Stabilizations.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Sterile: Sanitary conditions no longer matter during medical care. Your patients will never suffer an infection or toxic shock during treatment, even if you are performing surgery in a sewer. You may preserve harvested body parts indefinitely.
    • Surgeon Extraordinaire: You may perform any mundane surgery without inflicting or worsening an Injury, and recovery time is reduced to an hour.

    • All stabilizations being proper stabilizations applies to stabilizations from other Effects such as Heal Wound.

    After finding herself stranded in Chicago, Lilith needed a means to communicate with her brothers without raising suspicion with Mr. Walter and the United States government. She suspected that the answer might be found somewhere inside of her curse. The Passenger remained uncooperative for a time, but after completing the Black Dog's trial, a mutual understanding was met. It's simply not sustainable to keep their abilities separate from each other. In order to become stronger, they would need to learn to truly work together. The curse and command over blood must be synthesized in order fulfill their true potential.

    The first of many, Written in Blood requires the target to have been given a dose of Lilith's blood, either through violent means (like a blood spike or swipe with her gauntlets) or through a direct injection using a syringe. Once The Passenger is inside of the target, Lilith is able to use a small sample of the target's blood as a focus in order to send them complex messages through her newly-forged connection. The target can send a response back which Lilith is able to intuitively understand through their connection. If a contracting party is willing to accept Lilith's blood, she is capable of becoming an integral communications hub for the team.

    Spend an Action to activate. Select a target any distance away from you. You must have a specific target in mind, but you require only an intuitive understanding of them, such as their name, face, or Location. This Effect cannot be used unless The target must have Lilith’s blood in their system.. You must actively and obviously use 1ml of the Target’s Blood to activate this Effect.

    You open up a line of conversation to your target, and may continue speaking with them without any additional Exertion cost for as long as you maintain Concentration

    The conversation will only be perceived by the intended recipient. You must share a common language for your target to understand the message.

    This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

    Possession of this Power grants the following Trauma at all times: Motherly Codependence: Must contact at least one of her “family” once a day, otherwise take a -1 penalty to all actions for each day that you’re out of contact..

    • Receiving a message does not force a target to pay attention to you, and they can feel free to ignore your message if they choose. Depending on the flavor of your Gift, they may or may not be able to return to it and read it later on.
    • Generally you cannot communicate with Contractors who are not in a Contract with you.
    • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

    With little more than a tap, Lilith is able to extract all the blood from a body within barely a second. A body shriveled in this way is likely difficult to identify, though its bones (especially teeth) will still be intact.

    While the blood appears to be siphoned into Lilith's cursed wounds underneath her heavy medical bandages, it does not directly come into contact with her bloodstream. She can easily conjure stored blood from her wounds, willing it out in all manners of shapes and streams. With a flourish of her hands, she's able to use this newly summoned blood to fuel some of her more powerful abilities.

    Spend a Free Action to activate.

    You may withdraw an item from your stash, or add an item that is within arm’s reach to your stash. You may store Harvested Blood and Organs in your stash, each no larger than something which could fit inside a briefcase (15 liters), and you may store up to 3 things at a time.

    • Containers which hold multiple things may count as a single item so long as the things within are generally packaged together. For instance, you may stash a clip full of bullets, a medical kit full of medical supplies, or a box of crackers, but you cannot stash a backpack full of miscellaneous equipment.
    • You may only attempt to store Objects which are free-standing and disconnected from other things. The use of this Effect will not allow you to sever any connections holding an Object in place.
    • The Maximum Object Size parameter is intended to roughly capture the weight / size restriction of items and isn’t intended to restrict shape. GM discretion is advised. A human being is level 4 in the Maximum Object Size parameter.

    Amaryllis may be gone now, but The Passenger still remains. The creature living inside of her body has now begun to control her more fully, but even that is not without its benefits. For what she loses in personality and kindness, she gains in fighting prowess and instinct.

    When Lilith is threatened enough, she retreats inside of herself, giving The Passenger the opportunity to take control. Outwardly, nothing much changes, other than her expression becoming intense and cold, and her bandages beginning to soak red. She is able to manifest deadly sharp clawed gauntlets made of solidified blood around her hands to rend her enemies to shreds. These gauntlets, much like her other blood-based attacks, infects the target with a small piece of The Passenger, leaving them vulnerable to her other powers that require a target to have a measure of her blood inside of them in order to work. She is able to liquify these gauntlets and return the blood to her arms at will in order to use her hands for firearms or tools, but she is unable to end the passenger's influence until it tires and returns control to her.

    Exert your Mind and spend a Quick Action to activate. This Effect cannot be used unless If combat breaks out, this ability *must* be activated before any other actions are taken.. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect.

    You transform into ________ for 30 minutes. You have access to all of your Powers while you are ________, and you can use your equipment. Your Battle Scars, Injuries, and physical Liabilities are carried over between forms. While transformed, your Dexterity is increased by 1.

    Blood manifests from the eternal wounds carved into Lilith's arms as The Passenger takes control, blood hardening into wicked bladed gauntlets. The Passenger's instincts are strong, and its strikes are deadly accurate, slipping the hooked blades into the exposed flesh of its victims. Not even bullets are able to shatter the cursed blood, and even the smallest of scratch is enough to exchange blood with a target.

    You gain the following benefits as long as as long as Only Active while Awaken is active. and you are engaged in unarmed combat.

    Your unarmed attacks deal +0 Bonus Damage, and Brawn no longer acts as Armor against them. The target's other Armor is fully effective against this damage.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Armored Fist: You cannot take damage from attacking a dangerous material (such as steel armor, a spiked carapace, or an acidic blob). You may Clash with or Defend against any melee weapons or arrows.
    • Bullet Catcher: You may React to and Defend against firearms and other projectiles.
    • Precision Strikes: You may use Dexterity instead of Brawn on your attack rolls.

    • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.
    • Unlike the Ability Brawl, this Effect does not affect small weapons such as knives.

    Legacy Powers


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.


    • Thin, long-sleeved black shirt with a cut around the waist
    • Black, skin-tight jeans
    • Black rocker boots with straps.
    • Silver cross necklace

    On Person

    • Light Kevlar underneath outfit (+2 armor).
    • Switchblade in holster on left hip.
    • Loaded Glock in concealed carry holster right hip.
    • 2 leather wristbands each with 10 metal studs capable of holding and sealing 1ml of blood.
    • Small silver ring [Unique Focus]
    Stored Blood in Body
    • 1ml Harry
    • 1ml Naamah
    • 1ml Dio
    • 1ml Crowley
    Reservoir [Stash]
    1. 15 L of Lilith's Blood (Type 0-)
    2. 15 L of Human Blood (Type 0-)
    3. 15 L of Human Blood (Mixed Type)
    Stored Blood in Wristbands (1ml per entry)
    • Mark Klent
    • Sherlock
    • Gulliver
    • Zane

    Large Black Backpack

    • Well-stocked First-aid kit (with disposable gloves and alcohol)
    • Blood Magic Research Notes [Focus] in a sealable waterproof book protector
    • 2 Magazines for Glock in backpack side sleeves
    • Portable rebreather with oxygen
    • Lockpicking kit
    • Medical Mask
    • Extra bandages
    • Compact Gas Mask
    • 3 Pairs of Zip-tie Handcuffs
    • Toiletries Kit
    • Survival Kit (Waterproof Firestarter, Gas Lighter, strike-anywhere matches, Kindling, Flare gun /w 3 flares, Water purification tablets, three days rations...) in waterproofed case
    • Waterproof Flashlight
    • 2 Rolls of duct tape
    • Compact down feather rain jacket.
    • Mundane black t-shirt and jeans
    • Wallet
    • Makeup
    • Keys
    • Smartphone
    • Phlebotomy Kit in waterproof case
    • Syringes and Injection Kit in waterproof case
    At Home
    • 15 ml of blood from Aiden.
    • 15 ml of blood from Adam.
    • 25 ml of blood from Harry.
    • 30 ml of blood from Dio and Crowley.
    • 25 ml of blood from Cornelius.
    • 30 ml of blood from Gulliver.
    • 15 ml of blood from Mark Klent
    • Harpoon Gun with 3 harpoons
    • 1 ml of The Talent's blood
    • 20 ml of Vampire blood
    (Click to toggle Weapons reference)


    The Netherworld
    History in Blood: The Quest for Life Eternal To perform the ritual, the blood of a living victim must be drained & either bathed in or drank while the fluid is still warm. Afterward, the heart is cut out & ground in a stone pestle with a combination of rose & amaranth flowers. This mixture is then consumed by the practitioner. Performing this ritual only once will restore the vigor of youth: diseases will be suspended, the would be vampire will feel as strong & energetic as if young again. This lasts for about 1 month. If performed every month for a year, the ritual will actually make the practitioner young again, maintaining this youth indefinitely as long as the monthly sacrifice is performed. If the ritual is performed daily for a year, or monthly for 10 years, the practitioner will begin to gain supernatural strength & fortitude, which become permanent thereafter.

    Contractor Timeline

    9 Victories - 1 Failure
    Remaining: 5 Exp. (Earned: 237 - Spent: 232)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Gift, Improvement, and Experience changes

    Journal: Hematology vol. X / A. Fleischer

    Latest 3 of 14 entries


    A lot has happened in a very short amount of time. I've lost a great deal of my free choice, I lost my ability to see my brothers, and I live in Chicago, and my name is no longer Amaryllis Fleischer. Nothing connecting me with my family, my curse, or who I am. The world watched me die in court, showing them "proof" of my magic. And now, it's been two weeks from then and the world has moved on. What was once front-page news is now... forgotten. Like so much else in the world.

    I suppose that I should be thankful for this. 

    Mr. Walter, he calls himself, is my agent. He has forced me to change my name and change my appearance. Something so integral to me that I wasn't sure how she would react. I feared that she might take me over... and on some level I think that she has. That entire time in the prison, I didn't quite feel myself. I know what it feels like to disassociate, and this was something similar and much worse. She took full control, lived in my body for a time. The guards didn't want anything to do with me. They didn't want to get close. I realized that, as she lived in my body, that the thing inside of me is stronger and faster than I am, even if I'm not able to be as charismatic as I usually am when I'm in this state. I guess it's something that I've always known that I'd done. When I get into threatening situations, I've always shifted into something else. Instead of getting angry or scared, I just... cooled. No more talk, no more words. Just actions, usually followed by pulling a switchblade. 

    But now, I suppose that it's been strengthened by the rewards of doing the jobs. What the other one does when I've lost control is not entirely my choice, but I cannot deny the effectiveness of the state that I'm put in. At the very least, it protected me from going mad in prison. 

    I called James O'Hannigan. Gave him some vague words about being out, and that he should expect one of my friends to come by soon, some time in the evening. A chat that we might be able to have in a couple of weeks. I assured him that I'd be alright.

    Then I called the house. Left a message about where I was, and told them that I'd be alright, and that I loved Dio and Crowley. And a vague direction to go to O'Hannigan's. From there, Harry managed to find me. He really, actually found me.

    I couldn't have been happier to see him and Cornelius. Brigwain, though, well, I've not seen him for some time. He disappeared and... since he's a knight, he's not great at using telephones. I can only hope that he's alright, and that no one has taken advantage of him more than they already have. 

    When Harry found me in Chicago, I told them everything. About the bomb in my head, about where I've been, about what I can do now that I've been caught. I told him that I would not be taking this lying down, obviously. That I'd be developing a plan to get myself out of this, to get my brothers away, and to live a new life. He told me that he'd be by my side for every moment to make sure that happens.

    I miss them...

    I knew that this wouldn't be enjoyable, but I've forgotten what it's felt like to really be alone.

    Perhaps Harry and Corelius are never very far, that's true, but... They aren't really my family yet. They aren't close enough. Harry... maybe.

    He's done a lot for me in such a short amount of time, gone out of his way to find me again after I was "killed" on the news. It had only been what... ten hours after I spoke to him on the phone at O'Hannigan's that he ended up on my doorstep? 

    I think he means something, Harry. He pretends to be cold, but he's got something deep inside of him that is nothing but warm. Like a little sun that he tries to hide away underneath a viel of cigarette smoke.

    Could I call him family? Maybe. Maybe.

    But Dio and Crowley... I can only imagine how they must be feeling right now. Even if they might know that I'm alive, somewhere, those first few nights must've been unlike anything they've ever experienced. The fear of learning something about your sister, that she's now going to be seen by the world as a monster. That she's now going to be killed like one too. I've rewatched that courtroom scene almost as many times as they have, I'm sure. There's something surreal about watching yourself die, knowing that it's not you, but also knowing that it easily could have been. The FBI pretended that they were doing be a favor, but they knew that they were giving me one of the only ways out.

    But I will bide my time. Slowly, they will regret not killing me when they had the chance.

    But I want to hear their voices again. Even though Dio could be a pain in the ass, and even if Crowley would scrawl in crayon on some of the rare tomes in our collection, I miss them more than anything right now. I see them in my memories, coming home from a long day of classes, back when things were normal. Before I was offered power, an opportunity. When I look at my wrists, I'm reminded of why I do this. I'm living on borrowed time, each month that passes is ticking ever closer to the thing that gets me. 

    Having gone to Japan and come back without a reward was a risk. The first time I'm working with Mr. Walter, and I immediately come back unsuccessful. failure. 

    No, I don't take it lightly. Especially since I have even less time now. I need to complete a mission. I need the reward. The Contracts may have gotten me into this mess in the first place... but they will be what get me out.

    No running. Whatever it takes. I will see them again. 

    The Passenger's Wager

    Red and blue lights flash onto the unforgiving plastic of the back of a cop car. Amaryllis is inside, hand-cuffed, woozy, and exhausted. She plays the scenario over and over again in her mind, watching as the spike of blood pierces the back of the air marshal and he crumples to the ground. She remembers his face, older, overweight, but built well. She remembers the look of terror that he had, asking desperately, "What did you do to me?" She feels her wrists bleeding, head pounding, arms straining against the handcuffs, breathing heavily. The Passenger doesn't like to be held back, and she was only given one more chance to make things right after Pickett Ranch. She feels herself being pulled by the Passenger back into the black depths of her subconscious, her mind engulphed by a viscous cloud of regrets. For a time, Amaryllis departs from the cop car, finding herself there... but somewhere else.


    "What? What do you want me to do?! We tried it your way!" Amaryllis shouts into the darkness around her. She hears her voice echoing softly in the distance. As her voice gradually fades into silence, another voice replies, darker, but still clearly feminine.

    "Relinquish control,it says, voice echoing into a boom around Amy. "You failed."

    "I didn't fail!" she shouts back, clamping her teeth down with a gritting grind. She growls in her throat, eyes narrowing. "I gave you control. You fought the monster hunter! It worked, even, she died and Bradley lived! We both got caught." She pauses for a beat, but doesn't wait for a response. "If failed, then you failed too."

    "Weak. And. Scared," the darkness replies, "Scared of what you might become."

    Amaryllis flails her arms into the darkness, attempting to punch at the creature in her mind. She feels her physical body twitch as she swings, the clinking of handcuffs almost bringing her out of the trance. She focuses again, losing herself back into her mind on purpose, allowing herself to be pulled back willingly. "I am scared," she says once she returns to her mental abyss. "How would I not be? If I give everything to you, where will that leave me? You'll run around in my body, killing people without thought? You don't understand anything about people. You see them as animals to be used then slaughtered. You don't feel pain, you don't know what it means to be human. If I give myself to you fully, we may as well already be dead."

    There is a long pause of silence as the darkness considers this. Red shadows begin to rush towards the space in front of Amy, misty ribbons being pulled from far in the distance to form a roughly humanoid shape in front of her. The form is slightly taller, slightly more robust, an idealized silhouette of her body. The Passenger floats around Amaryllis, leaving a wake of bloody red ribbons as it swims from side to side. 

    "We need to come to an agreement," Amaryllis says, her voice shaking slightly. "I'll give you more control, but not all of it. We'll work together. My strengths, your strengths. 50/50."

    The creature stares into her eyes with a faceless mask. "No more running. I am a part of you," the voice bubbles at her. It raises its hand up to touch her face, causing her cheeks and lips to become spattered with deep maroon.

    "You are not the curse," she says, putting her hand up to meet the creature's on her cheek. "We will be the cure. Together."

    The misty shape of the Passenger begins to swirl wildly around Amaryllis pushing its way into her nose, throat, and eyes. She feels choked for a moment, but relaxes, doing her best to accept the creature willingly despite its overwhelmingly violent nature. Her body is engulphed by the raging storm of red as she feels the creature assert itself into her body, settling into her bones. Once the process is over, she looks down at her body, noticing that the streaks of read are now outlining her skin, becoming one with her form. 

    "Now that we're together," Amaryllis says with faltering hesitation, feeling her mind begin to return to reality. "You need a name."

    "You will be called... Lilith."