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Colvin Whistler

A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor played by Metal in Maelstrom

This character is dead. RIP

He staved off a monster to save the lives of his fellows. He died defying the darkness

Colvin Whistler is a Vengeful Widower who will risk his life to become the ultimate Bane of the Fae and Slaughter every creature with Fae blood.

He is 32 years old, lives in A hunting cabin in the Rocky Mountains (somewhere in Colorado), and often appears as a man with blond hair tied back in a low ponytail, with lots of stubble and a cold rage burning in his polar blue eyes.

Colvin Whistler lives in Maelstrom, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. His journal, Hunter’s Logbook, has 5 entries.













2 Alertness

0 Animals

3 Athletics

0 Brawl

0 Crafts

0 Culture

1 Drive

2 Firearms

0 Influence

0 Investigation

0 Medicine

4 Melee

2 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

3 Stealth

4 Survival

0 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


Hanged by the man
Loss of an Eye
Well Fall
(Tap for Severe Injury reference)

Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress
  • One Eye (All Perception rolls utilizing sight are rolled at +2 Difficulty. Any Actions involving depth perception are rolled at +1 Difficulty.)
  • Body 7


    5 Mind



    Hatred of the Fae


    (Colvin Whistler has no Traumas)



    Finances: Average
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.
    Stockpile: Anti-Fae weaponry (mostly iron/silver melee weaponry, but also some rare plants that harm specific types of Fae and that sort of thing—those plants are pretty rare and are poisonous to some types of Fae)
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You have a stockpile of a specific type of weaponry or hard-to-find items. During a Downtime, you may obtain up to three items from your stockpile.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Tough You can function under intense pain. Dice penalties from pain are reduced by 2. This includes Body penalty.
    Iron Will When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can sway you from your goals. You receive +2 dice to all Mind rolls.
    From Maelstrom
    L'appel du Vide Culvin's first Harbinger allowed him to choose the way his deal was struck, and he chose blood. The cut he gave himself was healed with the living void that made up the Harbinger, sealing a line of permanent ice-cold black below the skin. This scar has no useful benefits, though it will remain ice cold in the one thin line forever. If you put your ear to it, it sounds like the inside of a seashell.

    Loose Ends


    Contractor Timeline

    3 Victories - 0 Failures
    Remaining Exp: 2 (Earned: 172 - Spent: 170)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


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    Colvin Whistler was once a happily married man. He was a reporter for Sports Illustrated’s Hunting section, and his husband Tristan was a high school teacher. One year they took a vacation to Ireland, and toured some old castle ruins. While wandering the ruins, the two got lost and separated from the tour group, and stumbled through a crumbling archway. Through the archway the castle was alive, and built, and populated by little men in red caps. Tristan approached them thinking them some sort of cosplay group or fancy set of tour guides, and was promptly dismembered and turned into their evening stew when many of them pulled out pikes and halberds. Colvin ran into the castle and hid for most of the day, grieving the loss of his husband seething with hate for these alien creatures, these caricatures of men. Colvin eventually used a magic mirror within the castle to return to Ireland….a week before his husband had gone missing. Yet when Colvin asked people about Tristan, it was as if he had never existed. Only Colvin remembered his grisly fate. Colvin had never taken the word of some of the more grizzled US deer hunters he did reports on seriously, that sometimes “little people” interfered with their hunts. But after this life changing experience, Colvin began networking with these old hunters, and found out that the Fae are far more cruel, and more mercurial, and more real then he had ever thought possible. Colvin took on side jobs for these old hands, and started hunting down Fae in the US Rocky Mountains. Colvin eventually moved up to the Rockies himself, using hard saved funds to purchase a cabin and started collecting every piece of Fae Hunting weaponry he could research and obtain (some donated by old veteran deer hunters whom he had helped). Yet for every Fae Colvin has killed up in those lonely Rocky Mountains, 5 more seem to take its place….until a mysterious Contract offers him the power to change all that.

    Assets And Liabilities


    -15 Iron Will
    -0 Finances: Average
    -6 Illicit Supplier
    Stockpile Type: Anti-Fae weaponry (mostly iron/silver melee weaponry, but also some rare plants that harm specific types of Fae and that sort of thing—those plants are pretty rare and are poisonous to some types of Fae)
    -6 Tough