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Ravi Magno

A 5-Victory Novice Contractor played by Shiryu in Lion's Pact

Ravi Magno is a Zelador Ninja who will risk his life to become the ultimate Super Humano and Trazer justiça e paz aos inocentes.

He is 26 years old, lives in Mega City 1, and often appears as Cabelo preto, pardo, olhos pretos, 1,75 de altura e aparenta mais velho que sua idade real, muitas cicatrizes e corpo de trabalhador braçal.

Ravi Magno lives in Lion's Pact, a setting in which the solution to the problem of overpopulation was to live in large city-states scattered across the globe. His journal has 7 entries. His Questionnaire has 11 answers.













2 Alertness

0 Animals

2 Athletics

0 Brawl

0 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

0 Firearms

0 Influence

0 Investigation

0 Medicine

5 Melee

0 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

2 Stealth

0 Survival

1 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Ravi Magno is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Ravi Magno has no Battle Scars)

Body 7


8 Mind





(Ravi Magno has no Traumas)


Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one day


From Assets and Liabilities
You are not an accepted member of society. You have no citizenship in any country or nation, and have no legally recognized forms of identification or licenses, making many elements of modern life impossible for you to attain. Making Moves to gain new Circumstances is significantly hampered by your outsider status, and in some cases may be completely impossible. Your Outsider status may occasionally cause GMs to give you new Loose Ends, at their discretion.
Finances: Average
From Assets and Liabilities
You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.
Polyglot: Inglês, Russo e Mandarim
From Assets and Liabilities
You are fluent in three additional languages. You can speak, read, and write in the chosen languages. You may be given a roll to decipher some amount of meaning from a related language at GMs discretion.


From Assets and Liabilities
Compulsive Liar You have trouble with honesty and generally find it much easier and safer to make things up. Any time you are asked about yourself, or are offering information about yourself, you must succeed a Self-Control roll in order to tell the truth. If you are ever caught in a lie, you must Exert your Mind in order to come clean; otherwise you must attempt to justify the initial lie with more lies.
Imbued After accepting your first Invitation to a Contract, you are Imbued, altering you in several ways. After completing a Contract, your learning and conditioning improves rapidly. However, you require the Contracts to advance. You have an indomitable Will to Survive. You may Exert your Mind to improve the Outcome of your Actions. You are highly receptive to therapy and may "cure" one of your Traumas with counseling on a Downtime.
Tough You can function under intense pain. Stress from Injuries is reduced by 2.
Focused You’re cool under pressure. Stress from Mind Damage is reduced by 2.
Attuned Autoimmune Your background has exposed you to a wide variety of toxins and diseases, and you have adapted to resist. +2 dice to resistance rolls against any diseases or toxins.
Jack of All Trades You are naturally capable of most things, even without any training. When making a roll which utilizes a Primary Ability that you don’t possess, you do not suffer the standard +1 Difficulty penalty, and you receive +1 dice to the roll.
Nimble Fingers Your fingers are particularly long and slender. You receive a +2 dice bonus to any action that requires fine manual dexterity.
From Lion's Pact
Notório por Jacob Suas últimas ações foram notícia em quase todo o mundo, e seu rosto acabou sendo captado nas imagens que ilustraram as peças jornalísticas relacionadas. Você será reconhecido por 70% das pessoas com quem interagir que olharem mais do que 5 minutos para o seu rosto. As pessoas que não estiverem engajadas contigo vão te questionar a respeito das notícias veiculadas, e tentar conversar longamente a respeito. O jogador passará as próximas 3 campanhas com status de notoriedade. Ele ganha -3 dados em todas as rolagens sociais feitas com personagens que apóiam a causa das IA e +3 dados em todas as rolagens sociais feitas com personagens que são contra IA’s.
Amizade dos Farabians Por sua ajuda imprescindível em resgatar Aramis os farabians o consideram um amigo. Qualquer encontro com um membro dos farabians este se mostrará receptivo e disposto a ajudar (com informações, itens ou suporte) mesmo a custo pessoal moderado. Você consegue identificar membros dos farabians e sabe da localização de alguns.
Deleted Conditions with active Assets and Liabilities
  • Cat-Eyes

Loose Ends

O Destino de Adom

Distant Dangerous Given by jehsse
Adom conseguiu tomar o controle do replicante e escapar tanto de Jacob quanto da Omni... Mas ele ainda não se entregou para as autoridades. Onde está Adom, e o que ele pretende?


Contractor Timeline

5 Victories - 0 Failures
Remaining Exp: 6 (Earned: 191 - Spent: 185)
An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


Ravi Magno has made 0 Moves.
Only GMs who have permission to run Contracts and post World Events in Lion's Pact can post Moves for Ravi Magno.

Assets And Liabilities


-0 Finances: Average
-6 Focused
-3 Cat-Eyes
-12 Jack of All Trades
-6 Tough
-3 Nimble Fingers
-3 Polyglot
Language: Inglês, Russo e Mandarim
-6 Attuned Autoimmune
-0 Imbued


+9 Outsider
+6 Compulsive Liar