Legendary Artifact

Assault Helmet

Created by shady and orphaned.

The "Reaper" Assault Helmet is the signature piece of the Future Soldier's arsenal. It has a sleek, design and is made of a mysterious matte-metallic alloy. The wearer's face is exposed normally, but when a battle begins, a blue holographic visor flickers to life in front of the eyes. This HUD contains information about the soldier's ammunition and shield status, but more significantly can detect enemy combatants. Anyone nearby who is holding a weapon is painted with a red dot that follows them in real time. This allows the Future Soldier to fire at painted targets in the dark, detect ambushes lurking around corners, and grants an overall tactical advantage.

This Effect activates whenever combat begins. It does not require an Action or Exertion.

You automatically detect all people wielding weapons within 300 feet of you for the next hour. This includes any who come within range during the duration. You have a sense of how many valid targets are nearby, as well as their distance and direction.

  • When triggered, the Effect activation resolves immediately after the triggering Action. It is not Reaction speed.

Community Artifacts

New Friends Friendship Bracelet (Preston)

Kevins name in hearts in a classic friendship bracelet with a sword Charm attached and stretchy band for when transforming

Kevins freinds now have the ability to reveal their inner Pony OC. He hopes this allows his freinds to delve deeper into themselves and find their own inner pony.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate.

You transform into A Horse for one hour or until you choose to end the Effect. You cannot transform into a flying creature. See the Extended System text for stats.

While transformed, you cannot use any equipment (including Artifacts and Consumables), and you do not have access to any of your Powers. The equipment you are wearing does not transform with you.

Injuries and Wound Level are carried over between forms. However, transforming can never kill you; you merely remain Incapacitated until your Injuries are sufficiently healed.

While transformed, you may speak and use any Influence or Communication Powers you posses.

While transformed, you are obviously unusual, unnatural, or alien, and the average person will take a special interest in you.

  • Creature Stats
    • Large (larger than human, smaller than elephant) Body: 8. Brawn 6. Dexterity 2. Fall damage increased by 2. Armor: 1
    All creatures get +3 dice to any non-combat Action that they are naturally adapted for. All creatures Medium and larger may attack by rolling Body, dealing +0 Damage (+1 for “predators”). Gms and Playgroup leaders can apply other bonuses and effects to specific animals.

If Kevin finds someone who he beleives is a true friend he will share with them a homemade bracelet with them telling them as long as they have this he will be beside them. When they grip the bracelet and call out for Kevins help his original character will appear from a rift in space which through for a moment you can see Ponyland.

Exert your Mind and spend two Actions performing the following ritual: Grip the bracelet and say "Kevin I need your help.". This Effect cannot be used unless the Wielder had a meaningful relationship with Kevin in life. You must maintain Concentration while activating this Effect, and it fails if you are interrupted.

Summon a single Kevin at your location. They will last for two hours, or until they are destroyed. They are controlled by the GM and will not necessarily obey your commands. This Artifact may have at most 1 minion active at a time.

  • Attacking: Minions can make melee range attacks with 6 dice to attack and +2 Damage.
  • Body: Minions have 4 Body.
  • Movement: Minions can move 80 feet per Round as Free Movement, and double that when performing an all-out Sprint.
  • Intelligence: They have dog-level intelligence, but are capable of communicating information back to you. They cannot actively use Equipment.
  • Actions: Minions cannot dodge or Defend. Any Perception checks they make are rolled with 3 dice.

You may only use this Effect once per day.

Kevins Friends call to him and ask him for his support. He steps from a portal behind them and lifts them up on his back and they ride him as he gallops forward bringing his friends to safety.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action. This Effect cannot be used unless This power can only to flee from danger.

Lasts 1 minute. Whenever you use your Movement, after all other calculations, the distance you may travel is tripled.

Anyone who touches this Artifact will notice it warping their mind and may drop it. If they choose to hold or use it, they immediately receive the following Trauma: Compulsion to be Heroic (helping the innocent and friends even to your detriment). If they lose possession of this Artifact, the Trauma heals over the course of the next day.

  • Any Encumbrance penalty to your movement still applies, but you do not suffer from any sort of exhaustion.
  • Damage from a collision depends on your speed at the time, as well as what you hit. GM's discretion, but generally moving faster than a car on the freeway and hitting a dense, solid object like a wall or a tree should be lethal. Mundane armor will not apply, but any supernatural forms of protection will.

Kevin has begun crafting protection into his friends bracelets. The weilder of these bracelets now carry their own sword of equestria allowing them to slay evil and protect friendship wherever they are.

This Artifact can be used as a sword / axe. It is roughly the same size as a sword / axe but can be collapsed into Friendship Bracelet Sword Charm the size of a lighter and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Quick Action.

Attack by rolling Brawn + Melee, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal Contested Outcome +4 Weapon Damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Blade Breaker: If you successfully Defend against a melee attack or if an opponent is unsuccessful at Defending against your melee attack, you may break your opponent's weapon.
  • This melee weapon may extend for a single attack up to 50 feet away. Retracting back into its usable size is a Quick Action.
  • Shredder: If you successfully hit your target, the value of any Armor they are wearing is reduced by 2. For material armor, this penalty lasts until it is repaired. For intrinsic armor, it lasts until the end of Combat and any relevant wound is healed.

  • If there is not enough free space to expand the object, it cannot be expanded. You cannot expand this Object as an attack.
  • Reminder: additional Weapon Damage granted by this Effect does not stack with any other bonus to Weapon Damage. Instead the largest bonus is used.

Ya Fens Mirror

Created and held by Changsai Paowsong.
The mirror is an ornate hand held mirror made of silver with the reflective portion beginning to fade slightly

Changsai sits in a train car next to a young Japanese man. The city of Tokyo streaming past in a blur. The man next to Chang looks into the reflection of the window and starts to fix his hair somewhat frantically as he pack up his stuff and Changsai smiles ,"You look like you could use a mirror sir. I have one if you would like." as he pulls out a small silver hand mirror from his bag. The man takes it thankfully and pulls the mirror to his face but what stares back at him is not his face. A blubbering creature resembling faintly his face stares back and the man screams and starts panting wildly as he quickly becomes a blithering fool as every time he looks back into this mirror he retains this monstrous appearance as Chang whispers and coaxes the mirror to keep going. Once the man has become unresponsive to the world around him grasping for his face and crying Chang takes the valuables off the man quickly and quietly and leaves the train compartment quickly.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a Sapient target within 20 feet. Roll Charisma + influnce at Difficulty 6. Affected targets may resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 8 with a -3 dice penalty. If they are incapacitated or unconscious, they fail automatically and their Outcome is 0.

If the Contested Outcome is positive, the target takes Mind damage equal to the Contested Outcome. If you deal at least 3 Mind damage, the target will gain a new Trauma selected by the GM. This trauma may be removed by Effects or mundane therapy as per normal rules. Affected targets are aware that they are being attacked and can generally tell who did it.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

JPM's "Big Boss" Suit Coat

Created and held by JPM (Jackson Pierce Morgan).
JPM's personal military-style full-wool-suit coat: goes all the way down to his knees, is big enough to be a blanket on most people: weighs much more than a few pounds due to hearty Scottish Harris Tweed Wool Weaving... more than enough to walk through any Tundra, more than enough to cook a man alive in the Sahara. Gold buttons, extended flap inner pockets, "JPM" tag on the inside, inner suit coat pockets, double-breasted, on it's own durable... but with JPM's special flavoring... about as, if not more, protective than a full-body bulletproof vest.

JPM has the ability to create purchasable protection for the rich elite upper-class: these items can be a suit, can be shoes, can be anything, but to anyone who'se not of Rich stock... their mundane, and useless.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are Rich. and you are wearing this Artifact.

You have 4 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack. Called Shots may circumvent your Armor, depending on its coverage.

Tomfoolery Sunglasses

Created and held by Charles Charleton.
A pair of sleek snarky sunglasses secured by beady glasses-holders, incredibly suave.

While he wears these sunglasses, Charles Charleton is passively protected from harm from both physical and non-physical sources because they simply cannot be possessed to hit him, the glasses are so snarky and aggravating that in their anger they will either miss or attack with decreased effectiveness.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You have 3 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

Your Armor protects you against Injury from non-physical sources as well.


Created and held by Sgt. Coo.
A brown fedora, bird sized

The brown fedora glows a soft white for the duration, slowly loosing brightness and fading to brown.

Expend a point of Battery and spend an Action. Select a Sapient being, human, Creature, or Dead target within 50 feet. Dead targets must have died within the past week, and you must have their remains in your possession.

The target can communicate in your language for the next 30 seconds.

You may only use this Effect once per target per day.

  • Communing with creatures does not grant them intellect but does allow you to converse with them.
  • The target of "human" refers to any target that speaks a human language.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

Stock Legendary Artifacts

The Bug-out Bag

No hiker would bat an eye if they saw someone wearing this 80 liter backpacking pack in the backcountry. Those who look closer find it's made of a curious mix of modern materials and what appears to be rawhide stitching.

This Artifact can be used as a container. It is roughly the same size as a 80 liter backpacking pack and just as difficult to conceal.

Your 80 liter backpacking pack holds 5 times what it normally could. Objects stored inside are weightless.

Living things can be stored in your 80 liter backpacking pack. They will have access to anything else inside and may attempt to break free, damaging or destroying the 80 liter backpacking pack in the process.

If your 80 liter backpacking pack is destroyed, things inside may get out, and it will cease to function until it is repaired.

Only you may open and close the container. Others can still destroy it to get at the contents

  • There is no cost to use your container.

This Artifact cannot be broken.

This Artifact's creator is always aware of the direction and distance to this Artifact.

  • "Cannot be broken" means that damage cannot render the Artifact's Effects unusable, nor can it cease to be used for its primary mundane purpose, if it has one.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action. Select a Location within within arm's reach. All Sapient targets within 20 feet are affected. This Effect cannot be used unless the target is looking directly into the device with uncovered eyes. Roll Charisma + Influence at Difficulty 6. The target may resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 7.

If the contested Outcome is positive, the most recent 1 hour from your target’s memory is either replaced with new memories or forgotten entirely. This is recorded as a Condition. The level of detail and completeness of the alteration depends on your Outcome. If you fail, the target realizes that you are attempting to alter their memories.

The period is chosen either by time (i.e. “last Friday night”) or by reference to a specific event (i.e. “when the murder occurred”).

  • You do not gain mind-reading through this effect, so your ability to alter their memory is limited by your knowledge of what they might know.
  • The target's roll to realize their memories have been altered can be made a maximum of one time per day.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

This Effect activates whenever you are recorded. It does not require an Action or Exertion. Select a Non-Sapient Object within 20 feet no larger than a duffel bag (35 liters). Roll Perception + Culture Difficulty 6.

If your Outcome is 4 or higher, the target will be completely destroyed and can no longer function, though it may still be repaired. If your Outcome is less than 4, the target will be partially damaged, and any attempts to use it will suffer a dice penalty equal to your Outcome.

  • When triggered, the Effect activation resolves immediately after the triggering Action. It is not Reaction speed.
  • The penalty from an object being damaged will stack with itself if a target is hit multiple times, but the object is destroyed when it reaches a total penalty of -4.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

Take a Severity-1 Injury and spend one minute. Select a Dead target within arm's reach with at least half its skeletal structure remaining. You must make a Trauma roll when you use this Effect. Its Difficulty cannot be reduced by any means.

Your target rises as an Animate being. The raised creature is totally mindless, with no memory of its past life or hint of its old personality. They cannot communicate. They will follow any command you speak.

The creature lasts for eight hours or until it dies again. It is revived at full health. Any Injuries it had in life are not accounted for when determining its penalties or progression towards re-death, though they may affect its ability to perform certain actions at GM's discretion.

Raised creatures have their Abilities set to the same that they were in life. Their Charisma and Intellect are set to 1, but their Dexterity, Brawn and Perception are the same as they had in life. A raised creature cannot use any Effects.

Destroying one of your zombies requires a called shot to the head or heart. All other Injuries zombies suffer result in Battle Scars only, limiting their mobility and effectiveness in other ways.

Your revived targets deal 2 Weapon Damage with their unarmed attacks.

  • The called shot requires 4 Outcome dealing 4+ Damage or 6 Outcome dealing 2+ Damage.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.
  • Your target must be within line of sight, or within range of another sense if more fitting for the Gift's flavor.

This Artifact can change its appearance. When not transformed, it is roughly the same size as a passport and just as difficult to conceal.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. This Artifact changes its appearance into an Object within the category of forms of identification. This lasts until you decide to end the Effect, which may be done as a Free Action.

The new object's appearance can mimic specific items (such as a particular painting, a certain person’s ID, etc), but must be of a similar size and weight to this Artifact.

The new appearance is illusory; it will hold up to scrutiny, but its composition is not altered and it gains no new functionality. Any attempt to use it for a function which it cannot perform (for instance, making bread look like a knife and then trying to stab someone) will cause the illusion to fail or allow a Perception check to see through the illusion, at the GM's discretion.