Legacy Power: reanimate corps

serve me in death

A 1 Gift Raise Dead Power used by marco, created by Delta.


i place my hand on the corps and my eyes glow even brighter than giving off an appearance of a purple flame coming from within my eyes and and traveling from my eyes down my arm and into the lifeless corps and after 2 seconds it springs to life and fallows my every command


Target a corpse that has died within the last month, spend an Action and Exert your Mind to raise the dead. The resulting creature is a husk of their former selves, a moving, mindless zombie. It has only memory of its skills in it's past life, and no hint of its personality remains.

The revived creature will follow any command you speak.

The creature lasts for one DAY or until re-killed. It is revived at full health. Any Injuries it had in life are not accounted for when determining its penalties or progression towards re-death, though they may affect its ability to perform certain actions at GM's discretion.

The revived creature's Abilities are all the same as they were in life, and its , Charisma, Wits, and Intelligence, are all set to 1. Its Brawn, dexterity and Perception are the same as it had in life. A revived creature cannot use any Powers.


  • Durable Dead (The revived creature remains animated for a day.)
  • Rigor Mortis no More (The revived creature has the same rating in Dexterity that it had in life and may move normally.)
  • Skilled (The revived creature has the same Abilities it did in life.)


  • Monstrous (Possessing this Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your setting. The mutation is visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor.)
    • Mutation - glowing purple eyes and glowing purple face markings like daedra
  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - gauntlet
  • Humanities (This Effect can only be used on Humans.)

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