Research! Chapter 1: Discovering the supernatural

This Artifact allows you to learn new information about the area you are in.
Used by Daniel Wiener, Created by loroman1211.
On Signature Item Research!.
(During Effect activation, you are obviously investigating the area. You must actively and obviously be using up Ramen. You must use this Artifact obviously when activating this Effect.)

Daniel pulls out his research notes and begins to write. He tests the area be quantifying what moved when.

Exert your Mind and spend 2 Actions to activate. Investigate an area with a radius of up to 500 feet You must use up Ramen in order to activate this Effect. At the end of your investigation, roll Intellect + Culture at Difficulty 6.

You learn the following information about the area:

  • You learn where exactly creatures and people live within the area, and what sorts of creatures they are.
  • You can locate the source of any supernatural energy or the presence of any supernatural effects on the area, though you will not necessarily get any specific information about their function.
The quality and specificity of information gained depends on your Outcome.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Community Legendary Artifact Gifts

A Joker card design on the mask.
A Red scythe that when wielding, looks like there's the illusion of something holding on to it behind you as well

This Artifact can be used as a Great Sword/Giant Axe. It is roughly the same size as a Great Sword/Giant Axe but can be collapsed into a card sticker on the mask of rage cheek and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Free Action.

Attack by rolling Brawn + Melee, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal 2 Weapon Damage +3 Bonus Damage. The target's Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Dismember: If one of your attacks causes a Battle Scar, you may choose for it to be some form of dismemberment, depending on the Severity of the Injury you caused.

While Jules bears the Seal of Nephthys, the Goddess herself protects him, until such a time as he has avenged his family & returned the stolen artifacts of the Goddess. When Jules would be harmed one can see slender arms composed of shadows that ward off the attack. Even ethereal attacks can be thwarted by the Embrace of Darkness. When employing his Defensive Curl this effect is even more pronounced, with the wings of the Goddess enfolding him completely in a display of otherworldly power.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You have 5 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

You may Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to double your armor rating for the Round.

When you take damage from a source which is within 5 feet of you, your Armor deals 5 back to them.

The Cross-Eye has further advanced, allowing the user to use it's latent nanotechnology to cloak the user in a special suit. This suit reflects light around the target, and softens all noise made by it. With this, a sniper could be right next to it's target or miles away, and they would never know

Exert your Mind (unless you win a coin flip) and spend an Action to activate.

You and any clothes or equipment you are wearing are partially obscured from sight for the next minute. All attempts to detect you using sight are rolled at a -3 dice penalty.

Entering Combat or being Injured does not cause the Effect to end early. Anyone you attack will immediately notice you; anyone else may re-roll to notice you each time you take a Combat action, at -1 Difficulty per Combat action you have taken. When the Effect ends, it is disabled for 1 hour.

  • GMs should use their discretion when determining the exact impacts of this Effect, particularly in conjunction with environmental factors. Standing still against a complex background may render you impossible to detect, and footprints in snow may make it easy. A chance to detect you is not guaranteed.

As of the recent death of his brother he has decided to re-enter the martial arts world

With the death of Fonzie to whom he had hoped to help his older brother, through the martial arts world and not really liking nor disliking Wolfgang as they are brothers.

So re-entering, seeing the fact their master was dead due to Wolfgang he instead went to his father who was still mourning.
Seeing a spark of life in his young boy who could do decency in the world and not be like the two, he decided to go through mourning by teaching Will a better and more practical means of martial art. Though strict in doing so he is fair in his teachings and Will goes even farther into trying to at least surpass his father thanks to his constant pushing from his father. Continuously still being shown more to this day, and being taught by his father moves and things he has never seen.

His father tells him of their bloodline, whilst Will had been trying to get jobs and been working part-time, his brothers had spent practicing and went forward with it in their own ways, one did the crime and then went to redemption with the help of it and the other.....well he is doing his own thing.
His father bestows upon him his old Uniform which holds power to help the boy further, and through practice and tribulation, he may even begin to absorb it and gain some new abilities alongside it.

With his new GI in hand, training, and practice, and with a lack of funds and whatnot, ready to get stronger and the best of the best. He walks forth ready for anything.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact and you are engaged in unarmed combat.

Your unarmed attacks deal +2 Bonus Damage, and Brawn no longer acts as Armor against them. The target's other Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Armored Fist: You cannot take damage from attacking a dangerous material (such as steel armor, a spiked carapace, or an acidic blob). You may Clash with or Defend against any melee weapons or arrows.
  • Bullet Catcher: You may React to and Defend against firearms and other projectiles.
  • Precision Strikes: You may use Dexterity instead of Brawn on your attack rolls.

  • Reminder: Bonus Damage stacks with Weapon Damage, but does not stack with any other Bonus Damage. Instead, the highest Bonus Damage is used.
  • Unlike the Ability Brawl, this Effect does not affect small weapons such as knives.

The HEPD wirrs before vaporising the batteries in its cylinders and firing a plasma beam through its target evaporating their flesh

Spend an Action to activate. Select a Living target within 300 feet. You must use up 4 AA batteries in order to activate this Effect. Roll Intellect + Firearms Difficulty 6. The target may contest by rolling to Dodge or Defend as a Reaction, Difficulty 6.

If the contested Outcome is positive, the target takes that much damage plus 3. The target's material Armor is completely ignored.

This Gift's Cost is capped at 2 and cannot be increased further.

  • "Material Armor" includes armor from equipment but not Armor from Mythic Brawn, barrier, or mystical armor.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Stock Legendary Artifact Gifts

At first glance, this appears to be a standard, modern house key made of ivory. A close observer might compliment its skull-shaped head or usual material. No one would suspect it to be one of the Thief's most prized possessions: The Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Key slips easily into any keyhole and turns without a fuss. The thief even used it on a door that used key-cards once.

Spend an Action to activate. Select a lock that requires some sort of key to open within arm's reach. This can be used on Alien technology.

You may lock, unlock, and/or open your target.

If you successfully operate a lock, you may choose to destroy it, rendering it inoperable.

This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

  • Any door or restraint that is fastened or shut with a mechanism may be considered locked, at the GM's discretion. Can be used on control panels or other electronic locks, but not computer security systems.
  • If you operate a locking mechanism through this Effect which has some other secondary effect (such as the ignition on a car causing the car to start) you may cause that effect as well.

The Scepter of Ang-Kapal is a gruesome device fashioned to look like a skeletal arm clutching a glass eye. When used, blood from the person holding is drawn into the eye where it swirls with dark energy. The eye turns to a nearby corpse and shudders, reviving the creature. The creature does not retain any of its memories or personality, but it is absolutely loyal to whoever is holding the scepter.

The Scepter of Ang Kepal has the unfortunate side effect of driving its owner mad.

take a Severity-1 Injury and spend an Action to activate. Select a Dead target within arm's reach with at least half it’s skeletal structure remaining. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect.

Your target rises as an Animate being. The raised creature is totally mindless, with no memory of its past life or hint of its old personality. They can communicate as they would have been able to in life. They will follow any command you speak.

The creature lasts for the next day or until it dies again. It is revived at full health. Any Injuries it had in life are not accounted for when determining its penalties or progression towards re-death, though they may affect its ability to perform certain actions at GM's discretion.

Raised creatures have their Abilities set to the same that they were in life. Their Charisma and Intellect are set to 1, but their Dexterity, Brawn and Perception are the same as they had in life. A raised creature cannot use any Effects.

Yūrei's Whisper is a magical Ninjatō sword with a stark-white blade. It was given to the Ninja by the ghost of an ancestor to be used in a mission of vengeance.

The ancestor's ghost muffles the sound of anyone gravely injured or killed by the sword, and guides the blade to separate its victims from their extremities.

This Artifact can be used as a Sword/Axe. It is roughly the same size as a Sword/Axe and just as difficult to conceal.

Attack by rolling Brawn + Melee, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal 1 Weapon Damage +3 Bonus Damage. The target's Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Assassin: If your attack injures someone, they cannot make a sound, even incidentally, for a single Round. Even the sound of their body and equipment dropping to the ground is silenced.
  • Dismember: If one of your attacks causes a Battle Scar, you may choose for it to be some form of dismemberment, depending on the Severity of the Injury you caused.

"The Coffin" is a black, alligator-skin briefcase made to look like its namesake. The interior is coated in red, quilted leather. It is quite a bit larger on the inside, appearing to stretch backwards like a dark passageway.

It can only be used to store things commonly found in coffins, such as bodies, clothes, jewelry, photos, weapons, coins, and similar.

This Artifact can be used as a container. It is roughly the same size as a alligator-skin briefcase and just as difficult to conceal. Unless you are storing something commonly found in coffins, this Artifact behaves as its mundane counterpart.

Your alligator-skin briefcase holds 5 times times what it normally could. Objects stored inside are weightless.

Living things can be stored in your alligator-skin briefcase. They will have access to anything else inside and may attempt to break free, damaging or destroying the alligator-skin briefcase in the process.

If your alligator-skin briefcase is destroyed, things inside may get out, and it will cease to function until it is repaired.

You may change the type of your container between Contracts.

Only you may open and close the container. Others can still destroy it to get at the contents

  • You cannot change the container's type if you are not in possession of it.
  • There is no cost to use your container.

Dazzle Glasses are advanced "black-tech" espionage gear. They can be styled as any sort sunglasses. When the wearer is recorded, they will quickly flash a non-visible laser into the recording device, destroying it after only a moment of footage is taken.

This Effect activates whenever you are recorded. It does not require an Action or Exertion. Select a Non-Sapient Object within 20 feet no larger than a duffel bag (35 liters). Roll Perception + Culture Difficulty 6.

If your Outcome is 4 or higher, the target will be completely destroyed and can no longer function, though it may still be repaired. If your Outcome is less than 4, the target will be partially damaged, and any attempts to use it will suffer a dice penalty equal to your Outcome.

  • The penalty from an object being damaged will stack with itself if a target is hit multiple times, but the object is destroyed when it reaches a total penalty of -4.