Legacy Power: Blowout

When art is copied and comes to life

A 1 Gift Spawn Minions Power used by Elvira Sinclaire, created by Riley.


If Elvira possesses at least half the skeletal remains of the corpse of a dead thing within her stash, she is able to make a weak copy of that deceased thing and summon it as a minion made almost entirely of tattoo ink. The ink seeps from her physical tattoos and slithers off of Elvira's arms before becoming more material and quickly coagulating into form.

-All of her minions are able to shoot Ink as a ranged attack.


Exert your Mind, and roll Dexterity + Alertness Difficulty 7 as a Committed Action. If you succeed, you summon a single minion. You may have [[maximum-minions]] active at a time. The minion lasts for an hour, has dog-level intelligence, and cannot communicate back to you.

Minions have the following stats. You have 5 times 2 points to distribute between the following:
Health levels, Movement dice, Attack dice, and alertness all of which have a maximum of 6.
Health: 3
Movement/dodge: 3
Attack (difficulty 6): 3
Alertness: 1
Their attack does (successes to hit + 1) damage.


  • Battery-operated (Instead of Exerting Mind to activate this Power, it has its own 3-point Source pool. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
  • Mobile Auto-Turret (Minions have a 30 foot ranged attack.)


  • Fuel (Using this Effect consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
    • Fuel Unit - Between 8 and 33oz of Tattoo Ink. GM Discretion
  • Conditional (This Effect is only available when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that this Gift is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - Minions can only be summoned as copies from dead corpses in Elvira's Stash


Minion Stat Power: 0 ( 5 ) Maximum Active Minions: 0 ( 1 )

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