Legacy Power: Buy Happiness

“I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend, if it makes you feel alright. I’ll get you anything my friend, if it makes you feel alright. I don’t care too much for money.”
- approximate quote, John Lennon

A 1 Gift Emotion Control Power used by Lorenzo, created by BobDylan530.


Lorenzo sets a pile of $10,000 cash (or equivalent in other currency) on fire. As it burns, gold-green smoke wafts up from the blaze and into the nostrils of Lorenzo and 5 other people, who become immediately very high and full of euphoric bliss.


Spend an Action setting a pile of $10,000 cash on fire. Exert your Mind, and choose both an emotion (related to happiness) and five targets within 45 feet. The targets roll Mind difficulty 8. Any defense roll with fewer than three successes causes a partial emotional shift but demands no unusual action. Failure forces the target to do something they otherwise wouldn't have done, inspired by the chosen emotion. The action they take will be in keeping with their character and the way they tend to deal with strong emotions. The emotion shift lasts 1 Hour, and during that time, they are very unlikely to change their mind about their action.

Combat ends the effect, even if the target started it. If attempting to calm during combat, effect ends if target is attacked.

This power affects you as well, as if you had failed your Mind roll.


  • Overwhelm (The defensive Mind roll suffers a -3 dice penalty.)
  • Group Therapy (You may target a number of individuals equal to your Charisma rating.)


  • Fuel (Using this Effect consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
    • Fuel Unit - $10000 cash
  • Elemental (Instead of choosing an emotion, you may only inspire a single emotion or narrow band of emotions.)
    • Emotion - Happiness joy euphoria etc
  • Double-Edged Sword (You are affected by this Power to the same extent as your target.)


Duration: 1 ( 1 Hour ) Range: 1 ( 45 feet )

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