Legacy Power: The Calcolo Neurochip

"Yeah, this is big brain time"

A 1 Gift Mythic Intellect Power used by Maximilian Calcolo, created by trollgorilla.


A small computer chip designed to be implanted in the back of someone's skull, the Calcolo Neurochip is a nanochip that was specially designed to be fitted into the back of Maximilian's cerebrum. This microchip, when apply draws a small amount of energy from the brain in order to power itself. The microchip acts as a supplement to the user's brain by supplying countless algorithms to assist with problem solving and critical thinking


Passive, always in effect. Your Intelligence rating is increased by [[extra-intelligence]]. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Intelligence (cannot be used on combat rolls or Power activations).

A given Contractor may have a maximum of one Mythic Attribute. This Power can only be taken by Contractors who have purchased the fifth level of Intelligence.


  • Brilliant Deduction (You may spend five minutes pondering an enigma, puzzle, or mystery, and roll Intellect at Difficulty 8. Success will reveal a clue or other tidbit that you have otherwise missed. Limit once per enigma.)


  • Samson (A marking or physical trait is the source of your power. Losing it removes all benefits for the next 2 months. If someone witnesses you using this Effect, they get a Perception check to determine the source of your power.)
    • Source of your Power - Neurochip


Extra Intellect: 0 ( 1 )

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