Legacy Power: Phenotypic Plasticity

I'm adaptable

A 1 Gift Warp Form Power used by Dr. Patrick Stanley, created by Serpentail.


Dr. Stanley is able to use his knowledge of zoology to manifest the physical traits of animals in himself and in other animals. He supernaturally synthesizes and arranges proteins and other compounds in the targets body to take on the trait of his choice. The compounds degrade over the course of a month returning the target to it's previous form.


Exert your Mind, choose an Animate target within Arm's Reach, and spend 1 Minute warping their form. You roll Intellect + Animals Difficulty 6, which the target may contest by rolling [[defensive-roll]], provided they are not restrained, unconscious, or incapacitated.

If you are successful, you may change their body in a way that ranges from a mere aesthetic difference to something inconvenient. Alterations cannot cause a dice penalty of more than -2 to any given Action.

Your alteration counts as a new Battle Scar and is affected by Powers that interact with Battle Scars.


  • Augmentation (Your alterations may provide a functional benefit to your target instead of a penalty. Can give up to +2 dice for relevant actions, or simple beneficial traits possessed by mundane animals, such as gills for water breathing.)


  • I Got Better. . . (Your alteration "heals" over the course of the next month, after which it is fully cured.)
  • Easy to Resist (The target must either consent to be targeted or be unconscious, hypnotized, thoroughly drugged, in surgery or similarly incapacitated such that they could not or would not roll to resist this Power.)


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach ) Cast Time: 1 ( 1 Minute )

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