Legacy Power: Satiated by Blood


A 1 Gift Regeneration Power created by ExampleRobot.


When the Vampire's lust for blood is satiated, their injuries heal at a remarkably fast rate and new injuries are quickly stabilized. While healing, the Vampire's skin retains its deathly pale appearance, as any blood he consumes is being used to repair his wounds.


Any stabilized injury heals quickly, reducing its severity by one level each time [[cool-down]] elapses. Must fully drain a person of blood each time the severity reduces in order to gain the effect. Can spend an Action and roll Body, difficulty 7, to stabilize your own injuries, and anyone else attempting to stabilize your injuries is at -2 difficulty.


  • Clotting (You may Exert your Mind and spend an Action to reduce the Severity of one of your Injuries by 2. Does not affect Injuries suffered as an activation cost for Effects.)


  • Conditional (This Effect is only available when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that this Gift is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - Must have drank a half gallon (lethal) amount of blood in the past 24 hours.


Cooldown: 1 ( 3 Days )

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