Legacy Power: Nanite Restoration

"It's a little like playing a billion games of Tetris at once."

A 1 Gift Repair Power created by shady.


The Technician can pour a water-bottle's worth of nanite goop onto a broken machine. Under their careful direction, the nanites go to work restoring the broken object to a functioning state. The goop shimmers and crawls, sparking with blue electricity as it reforms broken parts.


Make a Wits + Computers roll and use a water bottle's worth of nanite goop to repair an object. You must Exert your Mind if the target is supernatural. After (10/Outcome) Minutes work, it is repaired back to a functional state. If you fail the roll, use 1 as your Outcome when determining Cast Time, after which you realize you cannot repair the object.

More than half of the target object must be present to repair it.

Cannot be used on an object larger than an SUV.


  • Mystery Machine (You may Repair Alien technology. You must have some understanding of its purpose to repair it.)


  • Supernatural (This Power causes a mutation (passive) or an effect (active) that marks it or its owner as a supernatural being.)
    • Effect - Nanintes shimmer and crawl over the surface of the object.


Cast Time: 1 ( (10/Outcome) Minutes )

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