Legacy Power: The Depths of Dreaming Yawn

sleep. not well. you may not wake.

A 3 Gift Sleep Power used by Mildred, created by Abyssal.


We are all already dreaming. We are all already dreaming. This isn't real. None of this was ever real. But this is the most real layer of the dream. The deeper levels are darker. More painful. And to a dreamer like Mildred, they are close. They are hungry. It is a small thing to push another over the edge into the yawning dark dream. She touches them. They fall deep. And they dream. They might dream for hours, only pain or the threat of death waking them. If they are already asleep, they go even deeper. The dream traps them, as it likes to do. Nothing will wake them but the removal of a splinter. This is a sacrifice to the cruel gods of dream. And it always hurts. Mildred knows the hungering horrors that wait just beyond the illusion of consciousness. No one deserves that. No one. Doing something this awful should hurt. Why does she do it? Why?


Choose an Animate target within Arm's reach, Exert your Mind, and roll Charisma + Occult Difficulty 7 as a Committed Action. The target may contest with Mind, Difficulty 6 as a Free Action. If you are successful, the target grows drowsy for 30 Seconds and then falls asleep for Outcome x 3 hours. Unconscious or incapacitated targets cannot contest.

While drowsy, the target's Penalty is increased by 3 for all Actions.

The target falls into a deep sleep, but they may still be awoken by sudden loud noises, being jarred or splashed with water, taking damage, or similar rousing events. They will also awaken before dying of hunger, thirst, or suffocation.


  • Tiring (When an affected target wakes up, they remain drowsy for the next minute, and suffer a -3 dice penalty. If an affected target successfully resists being put to sleep, they will still become drowsy for the next minute, and will suffer the same penalty)
  • Coma (If your target is already asleep, they are put into a deep coma that lasts indefinitely. However, there is a specific event that will always wake them.)
    • Waking Event - the removal of a splinter (a splinter may first need to be created)

  • Out Like a Light (Your target can only be awoken by taking Damage or nearing death for lack of air, water, or food.)


  • Painful ((DELTED) If you see this, tell Shady)
  • Traumatic (You must make a Trauma roll when you use this Effect. Its Difficulty cannot be reduced by any means.)
  • Dream Conduit (The target’s dreams involve you. They reveal you to be the source of the sleep as well as some secret about yourself. The target is aware that the secret is true, even if the rest of the dream may be written off.)


range: 0 ( Arm's reach ) Duration: 2 ( Outcome x 3 hours ) Time to Fall Asleep: 1 ( 30 Seconds )

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