Legacy Power: The force of personality

"Excuse me..."

A 2 Gift Suggestion Power used by Clay Evans, created by therustyy257.


Clay clears his throat and issues a command.


Exert your Mind, spend an Action issuing your Suggestion to an Animate target within 20 feet, and roll Charisma + Influence Difficulty 6. You must communicate your command. The target may resist by rolling Mind, Difficulty 6 as a Free Action. If you succeed, the target will follow your command for Outcome in rounds.

Your command may be no more complex than Conditional commands (If X, then Y). Your command cannot be obviously self-endangering, destructive, or in violation of the target's Limits.


  • Mage (Activating this Effect requires two consecutive Actions of Concentration. It involves intricate use of the body and voice. If interrupted during activation, the Effect fails. It is obvious you are preparing to activate an Effect during casting.)
    • Activation Ritual - Putting a hand up to the mouth and coughing


Complexity: 2 ( Conditional commands (If X, then Y) ) Duration: 1 ( Outcome in rounds )

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