Legacy Power: Specialized chemical compound - Molecular Breakdown

Its acid baby!

A 1 Gift Destroy Object Power used by Vi'hn Thach, created by GreenAppll.


Vihn Thach, given a chemical formula that when done under a certain process at exact timings. Created a acid that melts through practically anything. Unfortunately, he has yet to find a way to make enough of it and have it be stabilized enough to properly coat and melt away anything larger than a duffel bag.


Exert your Mind, target a Non-Sapient Object no larger than a duffel bag (35 liters) within Arm's Reach, and roll Intellect + Science Difficulty 6 as a Committed Action. If your Outcome is 4 or higher, the object is completely destroyed, preventing it from functioning, though it may still be repaired. An outcome below 4 partially damages the object, imposing a dice penalty equal to your Outcome on any attempts to use it. Outcomes from disabling something more than once stack.


  • Cantrip (Activating this Effect has no Exertion cost, but its Gift Cost can never be increased above 2.)


  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Bottle of Special Instant Disintegrating Acid


Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach ) Max Item Size: 1 ( a duffel bag (35 liters) )

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