Legacy Power: Astrologist soul reflection

She is Not bright soul just shiny

A 1 Gift Project Senses Power used by Aurora, created by starkill.


She Release her soul reflection that have all her hyper senses to explore dangerous or blocked pathways it is formless and and completely intangible
here start the true Journey of truly young astrologer and witch who Start to see worlds nature and oddities for one tho seek knowledge should be ready for the consequences


Exert your Mind, choose a target Location within 500 feet, and roll Perception + Occult Difficulty 6 as a Committed Action. You may see (but not hear or use other senses) as if you were standing at that Location for up to Outcome in minutes. You must maintain Concentration to keep up the effect, and you cannot perceive anything locally while the Effect is active.


  • Full Spectrum (You can perceive things from the target location via all of your senses, rather than just sight. You can also activate investigative or perception-based Effects through the ward.)


  • Focus (Using this Effect requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Hat


Duration: 2 ( Outcome in minutes ) Range: 2 ( 500 feet )

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