Legacy Power: Seeing Red

In the fog of war, everyone's an enemy

A 1 Gift Grit Power used by Michael MacIntyre, created by BobDylan530.


Michael is an expert soldier, able to shrug off pain and distraction without a thought, but is unfortunately not great at distinguishing friend from foe.


Passive, always in effect. Your Body Penalty is reduced to 0. Does not reduce Mind Penalty.


  • Laser Focused (Your Stress from Mind Damage is reduced to 0.)
  • Shake It Off (If you are Stunned, asleep, drugged, or otherwise made unconscious for any reason other than being Incapacitated, you may Exert your Mind to wake up. Any penalty which was caused by this condition is removed.)


  • Maddening (Possession of this Gift causes a Trauma that cannot be cured by any means. The chosen Trauma must be likely to come up on a Contract.)
    • Trauma - While active, you must roll Mind difficulty 9 to not attack the closest target to you
  • Active (This Power is no longer passive. Spend an Action and Exert your Mind to activate it for one hour.)

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