Legacy Power: I am an Android

"I am superior, sir, in many ways, but I would gladly give it up to be human."

– Lt. Cmdr. Data

A 1 Gift Inhuman Physiology Power created by ExampleRobot.


The Android's skin is extremely pale, their eyes are yellow, and their body stays at room temperature. They do not bleed, and traditional medicine is ineffective at treating them. Furthermore, they may be hacked by any supernatural effect that could hack a computer.


This Power is passive and always in effect.

When being targeted, you are not considered Human, you are considered a machine or a computer. Your injuries do not degrade over time, and you do not have any blood. Traditional medicine is useless on you. You are highly resistant to cold environments.


  • Inhuman Anatomy (You no longer count as a human when targeted by Powers or effects. Requires the Tamable, Hackable, or Junk Drawback.)
  • Bundled Up (You are immune to damage from cold. If cold is a substantial component of other damage you would take (e.g. falling from a great distance into a vat of liquid nitrogen), that damage is reduced by 2 (in addition to Armor))
  • No Bleed (Existing Injuries do not require stabilization or degrade over time.)


  • Hackable (You count as a Computer when targeted by Effects. You cannot ignore or decrease the effects of Stress for any social rolls you make.)
  • Inhuman Biology (Your biological structure renders traditional medical technology ineffective.)

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