Ricter Casenger's Journal

Delir the squeakuel
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Back Home

It's been about two weeks since I took that job, I ended up having to call my boss about being pulled away, but it wasn't too big an issue. I have enough PTO time to not really cause many issues on the sight, especially if I'm the one who tends to just manage most of the building. Nonetheless, I spent a lot of my time just looking up odd crap online, vampires, werewolves, and a lot of stuff that just made me re-think how I saw the world overall. 


I didn't trust stupid stories about fairies, monsters, and other creatures, but after what happened only two weeks ago? I can't help but believe them, so after I got done with a bunch of my work and whatnot I went around my hometown and did some investigations. I didn't see much in terms of monsters and spooky stuff, mostly raccoons and all manner of deer and stuff. But I did see something at one point, maybe a cryptid? Maybe it's just my overactive imagination. Either way, it was gone as quickly as I rolled my flashlight in the area.


After that little spotting, I have felt a bit off, more hungry like I haven't eaten in a while, I'm hoping it's not just me being a fat ass, but I guess I haven't been doing a lot of healthy eating, to say the least. Lots of junk food occasionally, but I have been having a taste for something... Mostly, lots of meat.

Lil Game Hunter
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January 18th


Home life has been alright for the most part, with no contracts for a whole month and I feel like my normal work is a bit more fulfilling. Only slightly that is...


So far I haven't had much odd happen to me, I spoke with those who have had powers for a bit before I left, though I can say I've seen some things happening just the other day. So when I was on the work site I had to bit of hammering for a bit, nothing too unnatural, but just taking a little wooden mallet I tried to put in some nails and....I broke the wood. I don't know how, I was pretty gentle, but even just tapping it left a massive dent in it- like a gust of wind buffered my swing. I don't know why it happens when I use my hammers, but I'd started to believe something was up with them or even me, after all, it happens no matter the size of the hammer. 


January 24th


I was out with some of my buddies, I wanted to get a drink or two and enjoy some time off since it was close to my friend's birthday and I wouldn't be there for his party. Unfortunately, my friend tends to be a rather aggressive drunk so he got into a fight with some guy at the tavern, typically the keeper is a bit more anal about that sorta thing, but the guy my friend got into a fight with was kinda a dick head so they gave us a minute. When they took it outside though it turned into a way bigger brawl than I was hoping and so all of us ended up getting whooped, well... except me. For some reason when I got punched, I didn't feel anything, hell I didn't even stumble. 


But what surprised me was when I looked at the other guy he looked like some animal just got done trying to chew him up, or clawing at them. After only about 3-4 swings they backed off and ran for it. Right after I picked up my buddies and went home. I don't know what the hell that was but maybe someone...or something...is looking out for me? I'd hope so, especially since I plan on doing more of these contracts. 

Yummy Sugar Pop!
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Fixing Problems

One of my buddies got into a bit of an accent down the road, I've been taking care of him for the past few days now and it's been a bit of a drag. But he's been my childhood friend for a while and so I'll put up with his snarky jokes and stupid remarks as much as I can. He got sidelined by some asshole while driving to the store, luckily his wife and kid weren't in there since he got whiplash and he lost a few fingers in the crash.


I went to the store and picked up some ointments and whatever to ensure that he'd not turn into a prune from laying in a bed for so long, and so I went by his place to help him out. Being a smart ass he wanted me to help him apply it, so I did, took me a few minutes and maybe I smacked his side a few times just to tease him since he felt a bit 'sore' there. 


But what I didn't expect was he got up, like- actually got up and his fingers were back! I was so fucking stunned he wondered what kind of ointment did I use. I told him it was that cheap stuff from the general store, nothing special about it at all. An hour later we would test it out a bit, well...he did, and it didn't work. But when I did it I fixed him up, right as rain. We agreed to not say anything about this, but maybe if I need to become Jesus any time so I guess I could haha.

Chains required

Snow Bunnies

It was really freaking cold, unlike the desert from the last few contracts or a simple small town, this one was on the side of a mountain. Along a winding road next to a cliff and overlooking some mountains, so I had the bright idea of bringing my Suburu. Yaaaaay...

The people I had to meet up with were good folks. I met Keller again, he looked pretty much the same, not fucked up or anything but he seemed just as fidgety as he normally was. Luckily he was just as competent as he normally was and all those technological implants hadn't fried his brain or anything, but I was more than happy to work with him again. Without his barrier thing, I probably would have been in a bad spot if I had to focus on guarding myself. 

The other person was literally a 'gun bunny', I mean with full rabbit ears and probably an arsenal that would rival a country bumpkin's hidden stash. She could change and transform her guns on the fly, and with some flare too, made me wonder when I'll be that confident to act like that on a mission like this. Nonetheless, she seemed young, but experienced, not to mention had Olympic-level skills, at least that's the information she gave us about her. I'll need to keep her card and number in my phone just so I can see if I'll ever need her help with something, that or vice versa.


The whole entire mission was like trying to find Waldo, however Waldo was freaking invisible and didn't show up naturally. Luckily with all our brains put together, we managed to figure out something. I nearly totaled my car though which given I didn't have another to just pull out of my ass I would have been so upset. But our Gun Bunny skillfully took out the thing we needed to hunt down- Granted she kinda just started blasting like a crazy person once we did see it. Additionally, I got to keep my Suburu! I might need to take some driver's classes if I'm going to be taking my car out on these contracts. 


But after it was all said and done we said our goodbyes and had a good laugh about some stuff. I drove everyone to the airport soon after, my new rabbit buddy seemed to be a gun seller too, but probably out of my price range. Daisy did however ask me about other things like probably artifacts with some power, so maybe this is the currency for these contracts? I mean makes sense, I'd want a kick-ass charm that turns into a hunting rifle.


PS: I think Keller doesn't like Cazarith, I don't blame him, he's a bit scary. By the way, I'm going to hang around a bit, Cazarith was acting a bit odd once everyone had left, might have to do with the monster we handled.


Gaining Skills

After the contract was done I hung around since I had no real time limit to go back to work or anything, Cazarith was being a pest and demanding I stay for a bit. At first, I didn't know why, but eventually, I kinda got the idea as to why, fishing around that road was a bad memory, but once I saw around the area when we nearly crashed they lept off me and began digging around. After a while, they thrashed around something before eventually returning. Satisfied, I guess?


I'd hope they don't cause any more crap to happen, I already can't tell them what to do, but I can request things occasionally. Nonetheless I went back home and decided to buy some driver classes, I'm a pretty good driver myself but if I'm going to be taking my car places I might as well know how to do stuff with it. Even if just some evasive driving, it all should help me keep calm in those situations and maybe I should look into more monsters too. From all the crap I've dealt with, the beast we had to fight may or may not have been affected just by physical forces.  


Either way, my plans are set I think I'll try to focus my attention on gaining more power, Cazarith has been giving me more skills to use, and they've come in handy way more than once. But I'm starting to feel something else around me, and I'm worried it might not be just the weasel on my shoulder. 



Over the weekend I set up a bit of home security, with all these powers and abilities I've been gaining I've been a tad paranoid about someone or something coming by wanting to kill me or something. It wasn't anything big, with a few cameras around my property, and some alarms being set up just in case I notice anything fishy around my place. I take maybe 20 minutes to review it all every day so it's no big deal since I'm on my computer a lot normally. 


But I have noticed something at night, me. The camera in my room showed me tossing and turning like a madman during the night like it was something out of those paranormal activity movies. I confided in Cazarith to ask if they noticed anything, just feral grunts and snarls, typical. With him being no help I just ignored it, but then came these...dreams. Dreams that caused me to think I was dying and to question a lot of things. It all starts with me just sitting in a forest somewhere, lying on the grass, I get up, or at least attempt to, and get held down by something. Each night gets more and more clear as whatever this creature is begins tearing into me, biting and clawing. The pain is dulled of course, but it looks so real I start panicking. 


A few days have passed and the dreams are pretty clear now, it's Cazarith and a python-looking monster with silver-white scales. I've displayed my concerns but again, more feral growls, and snarls. We'll need a means of communication soon as it's starting to affect my work life, can't sleep without worrying about it happening again. 


December 5th


Last night was the worst thus far, I went to bed and instead of getting a good night's sleep it was the dream again, however this time I tried fighting back. Harder than I did previously, and as I did I felt things- change. I wasn't in the forest anymore, I was in my bed, with two sets of eyes hovering above me. They look down as if debating what parts each of them gets to sink their teeth into. I wanted to yell but I felt a coiling pressure around my neck, stopping me from speaking. 


It took them all five seconds before the biting began, not like they were trying to rip into my body or tear out chunks, this time it was just constant biting, sinking it into my skin over and over again till I couldn't take it anymore and passed out. I couldn't tell if it was a dream or not, but as I woke up, I felt like shit, my head hurt, and I popped a few pills to relieve the pain. 


But looking over myself I saw what had been done, my body had been changed. My eyes were an ice-blue color with slits like a snake, small fangs had been growing in my mouth, slightly pointed and enough to cause a minor paper cut. All the while behind me a new appendage seemed to have grown, I had a fucking tail! I demanded answers as to why my 'companion' chose to alter me physically, after all, I kinda like being human you know?

But I wasn't answered by Cazarith immediately, instead this long coiling snake would show its presence instead, then right after Cazarith did too. I couldn't understand them but I knew what was happening, these two creatures felt it was necessary to alter me to 'improve' me. After this brief understanding, they both vanished, and I can now feel both of them coiling around my body like a phantom sensation.


Days later I've adjusted a bit to the changes, it seems they have made me a bit more flexible, while my eyes can perceive things better so I no longer need my glasses. I have opted to wear contacts or just sunglasses though to mask my eyes, as for my tail that's next to impossible to hide, I may find a way to do it eventually but I do get a few eyes here and there. Uncomfortable, but I can live with the attention. I've come up with the excuse of being a gene-wild fan, not that I care if anyone undergoes that type of thing, I just didn't expect to have this happen to me. The snake is still there, as such I've figured out its name as if it was in the back of my mind this whole time- Ni'rha.


I now worry that at some point, the creatures with me will find it prudent to change me further, taking away my humanity and turning me into one of them. A host for a den of monsters.

Dragons speak louder then words
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My sister has been questioning as to why I'm starting to look more animalistic. Had to lie, of course, and say it may be some toxic waste dump, or something in the water, either way, she told me to get checked out and have blood work done. It came back a week later, and nothing abnormal except some slight changes. The blood type is still the same though, and overall, they had no clue what could be the matter. But I have an idea.


I've been trying to spend more time with my niece and nephew in the meantime, they don't seem to mind my eyes or my tail, they find it fun to tug and play with, and think my eyes are 'pretty'. They're sweet, I wish more people could be so sweet, but I have dealt with some minor backlash for the changes. From people calling me a freak to some others thinking I asked for this and just treating me like an animal. I don't have kids, but if I did I'd hope they were as good as my niece and nephew, granted they are demons when it comes to trashing my living room so maybe not that part. 


Mushiness aside, I've learned from the contracts that I've done that I'll need to train myself and Cazarith. We did little fighting, but my sensory abilities were far more important in all this, additionally, I may do more driver training again, it helped out again in this previous contract but I'll need to make way more money for those classes. I'll take some time to think about how to apply myself, and maybe even do some favors for some people in the meantime while I contemplate how to go about my next few months.


But there is one thing for certain, I've become stronger, and the power I feel is palpable, additionally, Cazarith has been sharing its mind with me, experiences I have never seen. Time periods I don't recognize, and experiences of flying through the air and causing mischief and trouble to travelers in what I can only guess is Japan from the faces and signs I saw. I will probably learn more as time goes on, but for now, it feels like I have two ways of thinking, one being my rational brain and the other being more instinctive. But like any animal maybe I could learn to teach Cazarith something?


PS: Cazarith doesn't like the idea of learning new stuff, he's kinda stubborn...But maybe if I be nice and keep feeding them sushi they'll open up to me. Oh right, I learned he likes fish, and judging from the memories he was alive for about 600-800 years, give or take. I may need to talk to Ms. Raine since I'm not familiar with Japanese folklore and time periods, but it would be great to figure it out fully. 

Animal Farm
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I'm choosing to take a vacation for once, but I don't know where I'm going yet, I kinda had it in mind to contact some of the people I worked with to maybe get some information. But I also kinda want to have a nice break from both work and work, I will say I've been signing myself up for self-improvement classes. Something to help with both keeping me alive in the next contracts that I'm bound to take and just something to adapt to how people are reacting to me.


I've noticed some more changes to my body, at this rate it's inevitable that I'm changing, possibly into a kamaitachi given the features. I need to know more about this condition, maybe even the yokai that are around too, and why Kazarisu chose me to be connected too. I may in fact go to japan to see things for myself, the birthplace of these legends, and I have a possible friend to maybe visit for said trip.

Setting Assail
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I saw death

I've gone on less than a dozen of these contracts and I'm starting to see things going south more often than not. Near-death experiences are growing, I'm starting to get hurt and take damage, but most importantly I'm seeing many more people in pain or die. Corpses of people are burned into my memory and it's making me feel both sick and afraid, I can only hope that I can maybe find some help out there and get over this sensation. I never expected this to be on my mind, but after that previous contract or two, I can guess that the human mind was just as fragile as the body. 


So even though I might heal, I doubt I'll heal mentally just as quickly, I think I'll go and see someone. Talk out my feelings, and hope a professional can make me feel better about what has happened to me. After that maybe I'll have something better to write about then this depressing bullshit I have to spill out in a book.


Chibu Village

I never believed my wish to seek out answers would end up with me fighting to save a village from some other yokai but that's how I spent at least half of my 'vacation'. I did enjoy myself though afterward, I learned a bit from the Kamaitachi I freed and began to understand a bit of why I'm becoming what I am. 


It's a mix, so Kazarisu seems to think of me like his brother, that maybe I'm similar to someone he's seen in the past. But he treats me like this for a reason or another and the longer my soul stays close to him the more I change. Now I don't want to tell him to hit the road, it's because of him I've lived so long, it's because of them that I've become stronger and more powerful. As such I think I might be ready, ready to turn fully. Granted I like my human life and my job isn't so bad, but at the same time, it's only a matter of time before it all happens.


I stayed a bit longer and tried to gather as much information as possible, I was told how Kamaitachi came into form, why they were important, and even more about other yokai from legend books I would buy from the local market. Hell, I even started to take up Japanese since my visit there was a bit torturous due to the language barrier. I came looking for an expert, and now I will strive to become that expert myself, better to be prepared rather than to get caught off guard.


Overall I was given a piece of the Kamaitachi I released, I could make something from it, but it might be better if I do something else. I've started to do my fair share of research into everything spiritual and occult now, starting to get a nice understanding of monsters, beasts, and other nasties. It will help me to learn about myself and even now I think I came back from this trip much more knowledgeable- or at least I think so. I don't know yet, but on my way back I can see splotches of white on my arms, my black hair being replaced with white. I think I might have a few weeks before I'll become them, as such I should prepare for it, and get my affairs in order. Or maybe develop a way around it. After all, if a yokai disguised as an old man can trick me for a bit, why can't I do the same thing?


So with that, I think I have a new goal in mind, at first I just wanted something to do outside of my mundane life, something exciting, and to form a way to just have a better life. Now maybe I can use what I've gained to help people. Surely this might lead to my death, as it does for most heroes and people who want to do good in the world but maybe this will be my legacy rather than nothing at all.


Yokai Delivery Service

I had some time left in Japan, I wanted to see what I could do in the last few days as I had a few more questions about what to do, yokai in general, as well as information about myself. I went over to a temple, booked a meeting, and got to talk to some of the priests, they answered a good number of my questions but I needed a bit more and was told I could only talk to the head priest if I did something for them- that or became a monk. 


I took the other route, of course, I enjoy watching TV and my phone over becoming a monk. So the objective was simple, deliver a sealed box to another temple. Sounded easy enough, and was warned that it would attract some yokai, which was a bit worrying but I have a car, should be good right?


I was so damn wrong...so first I got stopped by deer who attacked me and I had to kill them before they tore up the car too much. Next, I was in some sort of mental block that kept me in place, got out of the car, and found some weird horse thing next to pillars doing some kind of spell. Killed one booked it back to my car and darted down the road. 


Kept going and saw crows overhead, obviously more freaking yokai so I took the initiative and began killing them as I was attacked by the mob. More deer and horse things showed up, this time riding each other. I kept driving, the car was basically scrap, but it pulled through luckily enough. But then they started to get crazy, The next thing they tried was running me over with a boulder THE SIZE OF THE HIGH WAY, with three little dudes on top rolling it along. I pulled in a U-turn and managed to knock one off as the other two stumbled and fell off, letting it roll off into the distance. 


I wish I could have gone the whole time without needing gas but I had to stop at a station to fill up, a kid came by to ask if I needed anything. Gas station attendant, cool guy but this was not the time for it. Especially since out the back two deer dressed in god damn ski masks had GUNS and wanted me to hand over the bag. I had to kill one and the other tried to blow me up by shooting the gas tank, luckily I survived. 


By this point I was both tired, annoyed, and felt like I was fighting an army so I knew that running away was my best bet. Soon the sky became dark, and stormy, normally I like stormy weather but when I checked that the weather was supposed to be perfect and sunny I called bullshit. Still remember yelling out the window, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" However that was not in the cards, a Rajiu appeared and shot lighting at my engine. The car that got me so far was useless, I appreciate all the bull shit it had gone through at that point.

But now my legs were all I had, so I told Kazarisu to grab the bag and let go, even though he gave me a look of "Man shits crazy!". I was not fighting the Rajiu, especially if it commanded lighting of all things, so we booked it, nearly got zapped a few times, and made it to the temple, luckily without the yokai wanting to deal with monks. 

In the end, it was probably the worst gauntlet I've ever done, made even worse as it wasn't a video game, it was real life. As I stayed there, waiting for the heat to cool down I noticed on the news all this 'happened' but it was quickly shuffled off social media and all that, probably by authorities. That's fine by me, no one got hurt besides some evil spirits with a bit of a sense of humor in some cases, just wish they weren't hunting me down!


I visited the head priest after completing their 'trail by combat', and spending some time to redress some of my cuts and bruises, I asked him to give me information about the yokai and was promised detailed information regarding them. In addition to this, I underwent a ritual too, the mechanics of it were interesting and I know at least some parts of it was I was shown the whole thing, even if it was painful. After all this the next few days I have in Japan will not involve anything to do with Yokai, I just want to have a nice vacation...

Blood Bag
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Magic Doctor

I had a meet up with someone I met from a previous contract, Liam. I was working through some serious problems that I couldn't get over, that last contract that I did was horrible and ended up rattling me. I don’t know if I’d get over all the death I had to deal with, but I was glad I was able to help stop everyone from dying, at least for as long as I could…


Liam though was in town, we had a nice time just hanging out, I wanted to at least offer him something to eat. Deep dish pizza, maybe some other Chicago classics, or just go out to a bar to two. It was a good time, I even got to tell him about whats been happening with me and all the other strange crap that’s been going on after I did that contract with him. Funny enough it must have been a drastic change for him.


When I first met him and Lucian I was just a simple guy, nothing special about me besides working my tail off- no pun intended. Now I have Kazarisu, and a bunch of other features added to myself. I was happy to allow Liam to give me an examination, after all he was a doctor so I felt it was better to let him give me a judgment on myself.


I learned enough from Liam, mostly that it wasn’t too out of the norm for people to transform during the time they do contracts. Aspects of the ‘gifts’ one could get from them are random, but stay within whatever aspects are related to them in some way. I wanted to look into it more, but I felt it was better to not go snooping around where I shouldn’t, after all I don’t have that kind of power.


Nonetheless I hope Liam’s visit was nice, hope I can talk to him more, less so just asking for help. Or maybe on some kind of contract, probably one where I can ACTUALLY be of help rather than being stunned and awe-struck. Funny enough, I got to tell him about the other vampires I had a hand in killing, seems like I've become powerful in my own right.


Ants & Elephants

Bellow is a Journal entry from Ricter:


"That last contract had me question a lot of things, similar to the one before, but it was much easier to deal with due to not having to face challenges pretty much alone. I realized that with how the world works, and how we go on contracts to gain powers and abilities, we are nothing special in terms of the broader picture. It's only logical to think that governments, organizations, hell...even masses of people who are just working together like ourselves have insane potential for power. They have armies, weapons, political power, and probably thousands of metahumans, monsters, and other horrors under their control."

"I had to ask myself what I could even do alone? What would happen if they knew about me? It was an easy guess- I'd be dead, or forced to work with them. It was a hard pill to swallow, but in the end I knew my place in the world was small, but compared to a normal human? How the hell can they live like this?! With no power whatsoever, vulnerable to all manner of monsters, creatures, and even...myself. I can't do anything alone, I'll need help, even if I've done a few of these contracts by myself, I know it was by luck I lived. So what should I do? Form some sort of organization maybe, plan for the future, or maybe wallow in self-loathing at how small I truly am in the world...and I don't mean small as in a simple construction worker working a 9 to 5, I mean that plus being in a world of cryptids, monster, aliens, and robots."

"I have to establish myself in some way. Set contingencies, and find a means of combating the very institutions that could snap their fingers and make me vanish, as such I'll need both power and the knowledge to utilize it correctly. Read the news, see what supernatural things are happening around, network, and find out how these 'gifts' typically operate. I can't pick and choose what I can do with these gifts, but with the powers I have currently, I need to be capable in many ways, find out my possible enemies' weaknesses, assess them, and overcome them. Then destroy them... Like an elephant crushing a bug."


The entry ends, however, it is followed up by another portion, not in the handwriting of Ricter but instead Kazarisu:


"He hasn't fully learned yet, but he is slowly understanding. It's us against the world, there are so many things that could be possible, as such we should cover every possible weakness, and ensure we don't fall like so many others. I'll start with the mundane, the humans who need tools and armor to protect themselves, then I'll begin with other possible enemies. Not every person we will run into will have powers, as such better to focus on the ones who don't and eliminate their only advantage. From there we can start to prepare for most locations and environments, adapting to everything we face is important if we have to do more of these contracts. Finally, we need more...not just more power, but friends, more people who we can at least trust somewhat, and if not more of these contractors then I'll find a way to breed in more kamaitachi like me."


"I know he will eventually read this, and just so you know Ricter- I'm looking out for us, I have hopes that one day you will achieve enough power so that you never have to be scared of anyone ever again. I refuse to be an ant destined to be crushed."


The entry ends...

The Lady's Treasure
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.


It's been a few days since my last contract, got some time to rest after all that and make sure I took some time off work too. I've been thinking about possibly going solo, not in some kind of band or anything, but like- work. But a one-man construction crew is kinda painful, but I need money and my 9 to 5 isn't going to cut it, its just enough for me to be comfortable but it's never really enough for me. 


Especially now that I'm gaining more and more power it's starting to feel like humanity is something I don't have to worry about as much. Well...I shouldn't say that, humanity is gross and will strive to cause as much pain and suffering as possible, but with how many supernatural threats, mind-violating powers, and creatures that can rip a normal person in half in a single swing? I'll take a normal guy for once over one of those. 


Additionally, I met up with Nathan again, he was doing alright, and his skills and power have improved greatly, even gave him some info on current events. I traded something for some additional help and changes to my body, since he is the only person I know who could offer me something with a bit of agency on my part I asked for a few simple things really. One is able to not have to worry about being in a fire or burning building because fire is not fun and its just a small contingency. The second thing that seemed cool was a horn he had which didn't really do much on its own, but maybe I could use it for something later? That or craft something with it. Hard to say, but he did mention he could 'implant' it given some time, so that will be my future plan. 


I'm following Kazarisu's advice, on the whole, improving myself to become stronger. Just in this case, I'm doing so outside of simply doing these contracts, right now I have a minor plan to get to my overall goal, namely to get some extra cash and move out of my apartment. But it's iffy at best and may involve me doing some favors for folks or offering up my services to others in some way shape or form. 


As such I may try to find a means of earning a bit of cash, I might even go talk to some of my friends whom I've talked to in the past, and see what everyone is up to besides Nathan. I'm half tempted to NOT tell them I can help them recover limbs, but so long as it's not like that guy on TV who got his junk cut off by that werewolf lady- I'll MAYBE help them. That or go into a hospital ward and play god for a little while before leaving, but I'd rather not be super well known right now. 



The House in Space
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.


I was called again, this time not by some mystical means, it was actually by phone. Nathan wanted something, namely to go to Africa of all places and help with something going on there. When I arrived it was a grizzly scene, pregnant terrified women, dead kids, and bodies stacked high. I never knew the world was this horrid here, but I’m glad I know about it now and it gave me idea’s for the future. Seeing Nathan though he asked me to help in some way, I had to question what the hell I could even do? These woman had been under some form of occupation, raped, abused, and their kids crushed. Some of their homes were destroyed, and they were surrounded by bombs.


I did go through the village and area and sniff out all of the bombs and explosives, lots of mines and things placed all in the jungle and surrounding area. But at the end of it all I had to talk to Nathan. He’s a good man, wanting to help people, but he didn’t have the capabilities to do such a thing, as such I gave him some advice to maybe follow for the future. He was strong, and his powers were varied and capable of doing amazing things, maybe he could find a means of gaining his own following of sorts? Sure I used the word ‘cult’ but it was just an example, I wanted him to see the world for what it was, organizations of people with the power to destroy the world at any moment that we have to fight or deal with on a daily/contractual basis.


Maybe I should take my own advice and gain a following of my own?


Eye for an Eye

I went to go visit Vector, it had been a while since I saw him and I had gained a lot more power in that time. Or should I say- he managed to survive until now, so when I saw that he hadn't done many contracts since then I could completely agree with that choice. After all, he lost his eye and got targeted by many things both during and then after the contract was over. 


When I arrived we got to talk a bit, enjoy some time and relax too, before I eventually had to do...well...you know. It sucked, and honestly, I was perfectly fine using my fingers to do it but since it was a more internal injury it would be odd for both himself and me. Wait...fuck it, no one is reading this journal, I don't care how sus that sounds, besides I'm bi anyways. Anyway, he had his eye returned, though he seemingly was fine with the line along his face, so I didn't bother fixing that.


The rest of my time was enjoying the internet cafe, it wasn't bad and I got to talk about what's been happening and he even mentioned something about the crystal he gave me. It seems to allow some form of psychic energy, or mental capabilities, to operate it and start levitating objects. It seems Vector is becoming a well-renowned crafter of sorts, especially since he was able to make this for me, I can hope that he progresses and gets that much better at his craft. 


For the time being, I'm heading back to the States, I'm happy I could help him out and if he needs something in the future I'd be down to get rid of any problems he might have in the future. Oh! I also left him some extra cash If found on a contract, since I had the money to spare and the loot wasn't too big a deal I wanted to set him up for a promising future. 

The Ring Gamble
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Having around 3 million dollars one second and nothing the next really changes how you feel about cash and the world around you, like how easy it was to gain, then immediately lose it. Another thing was that it felt like I should follow up on that old guy I helped in the hospital before I eventually left Vegas, though Daisy was less interested in doing so I talked to them a bit more. Seems they were some big business mogle, and obviously from China, buying into properties here and the like, he asked me about Daisy as if interested in more of their possible capabilities but I wasn't at liberty to disclose anything besides the card she gave him. Plus she can discuss that with him on her own. As for myself, I got more info about them, and some possible favors they might need in the future, but it's a give and take and I'm happy to give a bit and take what I can get. So I asked him about some mystical aspects he might have heard about, and he sent out his bodyguards and simply told me "I've lived long enough to know the magics of this world, they are real, that is why the gods have sent you and the moon rabbit to me to live longer and sire in more of my family."


Hearing this I'm pretty sure he wasn't wrong about it, and gave me further information he had on some aspects that I could possibly look into later. For now, though I took some time to review all the manuscripts that he eventually handed over to me, well...his bodyguards did, he just snapped his fingers and made it happen. All he asked for in return was the current and two-year list of construction projects in a given city I was working in, easy enough since it's given to city board members and then companies I work under. I'm sure he's going to exploit it, but that's not my problem. On my way back home I saw a huge fire though as we flew past some states, it was massive and had engulfed a large forest as I flew into Chicago. If that wildfire gets too out of control it may end up coming into my state, or worse, becoming a national emergency as it rips through the mid-west. I'm going to head towards it and see what I can do, the smoke and ash won't bother me, and I have a feeling some others I've met might jump at the chance to join in as well.


Burning Pride

Knowing that the fire in Michigan was beginning to spread greatly I knew that I'd probably lose my apartment and whatever I own to the flames. I've begun to realize that I need to be proactive in some way, passiveness won't help me to reach my goals and after the last contract I had done I felt like doing something to take my mind off of what went down.


I drove there, and took what I could, some flares, some cones, a hard hat, etc. I wanted to do something and feel useful for something rather than the inner sensations of being practically useless. Kazarisu even pestered me a bit, were linked in more than one way and he didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that I was rushing to a fire to possibly help people for once. Normally he'd complain, bitch, and moan about helping people- wanting to cause trouble and maybe steal some things from the neighbor's house, but he probably felt just as bad as I did. 


Like me, he thinks failing at anything is a hit to the ego, especially with all the powers and skills I have it feels like it shouldn't happen. Yet, before I did all this I was never as prideful, caring about myself in such a way as to think I was better than someone else. Now I do, and like Kazarisu, I feel the need to prove it.


We spent hours clearing blockages on the road, destroying trees, directing traffic, placing down flares, and traffic cones, and making sure as many people began to get out of the burning inferno as possible. I didn't care much about not showing myself, or showing some of my powers, it got so bad I forgot about even hiding it and I eventually nearly got crushed by a building.


But I was saved by someone, Ms. Iryna Vorobyova. She tackled me and Kazarisu to the side and out of the rubble I'd been trapped under if she hadn't saved me. Of which I'll be forever grateful. After it was all done though we managed to help out in some way, and of course, people recorded what I did, I oddly enough...don't care as much. Do I like the attention?


I don't, attention is bad and now Kazarisu is starting to ride off the high of being active for once, but for me, I'm just a little glad I was able to help out in some way. Even promised to do some construction work for the company I'm working for. Right now the higher-ups are figuring out what to do now, given my promise has just added a bunch of money to the company. 

I may do my own business now, after all, why should I give someone else something based on my own name? I did all the work after all, it should just be for me.




Selfishness, pride, power...This is who I am now, and I don't mind it one bit.



After the fire had been mostly quelled I was asked about dealing with The Sons, you know the type. The white supremacist, racist, fascist types that would no sooner see we all die than to live in some form of equality. The plan was simple, yet not so much when we got there...


Honestly, explaining it just feels wrong, it was supposed to be in and out, but we got into more fights than I even thought possible. The place was crawling with them, it only took them less than 10 seconds to already be on top of us in full kit and weapons at the ready. Placing up barriers and barricades like they were well aware they were going to be attacked.


We spent less than a minute there and left as soon as Akira went down, it was a mess of a thing to even attempt. At this point, I'd be more happy just leveling the place and going in afterward to see if something was left behind, but for that? That wasn't really worth it, and with them having traps on every door, men posted up everywhere, all of which were ready immediately when we touched down. 


Nah, they can keep whatever they have, maybe we'll try again when we have enough power to instantly kill them all without even a snap of the fingers. But right now? That was hell, and I probably won't try anything against those guys unless they come to me for some reason. Really I just feel for Liam, he was worried about us- I could tell. He probably blames himself for what happened, and given the aftermath of all that?


Yeah...I feel for the man who helped me to start my contracting career, I just hope he makes it through. But he has a pretty nice support network, and friends and loved ones are what he needs right now, as such I'll leave him to rest and take care of his personal demons. Besides, even if I came out with no damage, or lasting damage, the memories will stay with me...


Though if I'm honest, it just makes me want to find a way to destroy those bastards even harder- oh wait...they had a remote bomb to level the place...uh yeah maybe those artifacts are just lost forever.

Safe House
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🔞 Downtime
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January 28th: I've chosen to spend a few months to work on myself a bit after the last contract that I did, plus the whole Son's nonsense has made me realize that regular humans are much more of a threat than I could have expected. I say this as being on previously, and now I've realized that I have to become better. I need to become better. Kazarisu and I have been boiling with the need for power, but I've repressed the need and would aim to just become better on a more skill-based level. If I have all the knowledge, all the capabilities, and the body to back it up, I can become as strong and powerful as those who have done way more before me with nice looks and a good speaking voice.


February 1st: I took a medical class on human physiology and animal care, it was nice! I got to understand how to draw blood, and work simple medical equipment, likewise for the animal care center I went to. They asked me questions about myself, given people know I'm supernatural now, I was happy to talk about a few things, but not everything. Additionally, I've realized on the news that a number of deaths have cropped up for supernatural people, worrying...They might even target me, but in addition to all this, I was given some kind of odd email related to someone needing help. I feel like it's a trap...and I think I may need to talk to some folks in my 'second job' to see if they know anything about this as well. 


February 22nd: Began working on a simple class to figure out how to program for once, always wanted to do that. Technology is an ever-constant part of our world, and learning about its capabilities and what it could do will help me to be better, even though most of my skills are overall natural. I will embrace it instead of shun it, besides, if someone hands me a device that does everything I could dream of, why not use it?


March 12th: Online dance lessons and self-improvement classes, Kazarisu really enjoys them and would tease me about becoming some form of dictator. Not what I have in mind, but becoming more appealing and being more flashy may come in handy later. I also realized that I can carry someone without much issue while flying, that if they touch me I can just 'grant' them flight so long as they stay close. Macie and I had a fun moment just dancing and flying around the house, she found it fun, if not a little scary. 


April 3rd: Went camping with Macie, she is a pretty sheltered and spoiled kid for sure, but I let her have her phone and just getting outside was better than nothing. Before I went out though I watched about 40 hours of Bear Grills and a few dozen books on how to survive out in the wild, I'm pretty sure that I'll need the skill set so better to take some time to understand it all.


April 27th: I was approached...not by the Sons, or anyone else, but by other creatures. So remember that time in Japan when I was attacked by a bunch of yokai? Yeah well, it seems some came to visit me, but it wasn't bad per-say, nor were they there to kick my ass. But Kazarisu invited them for some reason? Well...it was an easy reason to figure out as given the number of flying weasels now in my apartment I knew they were all Kamaitachi, like myself. 

Talking with them they seemed to be lured by the legend of the Kamaitachi, who normally go in trio's rather than large groups, but they all seem to see me as a source of power. That I could be some sort of 'anchor' for more than just two others, they said I had an aura of power among them all and that staying with me made them feel safer. It was kinda cute having a group of little stoats almost begging to stay with me, which normally I'd be against, but they don't need to eat, nor do I have to worry about droppings either.

So I said yeah, and allowed them to stay...

May 2nd: With me, Macie, and Kazarisu, and now another 10 weasels in my house at any given time it's starting to become cramped in this little apartment. I will probably move soon, and my new friends, seem to come in and out when they like, stopping by to say hi, or just hang out, some of them even spend most of their time with Macie instead of me. 


May 4th: SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! FUUUUUCK! I-I woke up and my bed was 10 times bigger than normal, I was confused but looking down at my body- I WAS A WEASEL! AhhhhhHHHH! Okay stop screaming, calm down, Kazarisu, what the hell do I do?!


Kazarisu: "Uh...live with it? Besides you look nice, very distinct black fur."


Ricter: "Shut it you little asshole! Tell me what's going on NOW!


Kazarisu: "It's what you've been expecting, duh. You knew it was going to come to this, did you think it would just happen in some dramatic way? Like one of those Japanese cartoons you watch?"

Ricter: "Maybe...I was hoping it would be a lot cooler and less surprising than waking up being less than a foot tall!"


Kazarisu: "Stop yelling, your fiiiiiiine."

Ricter: "You call this fine?! I can't go to work like this, or go to the store! They'll take away my apartment!"


Kazarisu: "Hmm, okay okay, that is bad, but look on the bright side, your one of us now! One of us! One of us!"


Ricter: *weasel sobbing noises*

Kazarisu: "Haha! Okay okay- so you can probably control your form by focusing a bit, it will just take some practice. Though you at least get to see what you are without it being forever...well...unless it is forever.


Ricter: "Grrrr..."

Kazarisu: "Don't growl at me, try it out, maybe it will work. Besides I can't transform you into a human, you have to do it on your own."

So I did, and after about a few hours I managed to revert back to 'normal', but it looks like when I do choose to 'transform' so to speak the other stoats in my apartment just show up. Lured by the power around me and they just help out? Like a hive mind of sorts. It's an odd sensation, like having your brain separated into parts of your body, but each body part can lash out, move, and act on its own. The sensation of being linked like this is amazing, but I feel like a leader of a small band of dedicated members. 

But god damn it did I think my life as a pseudo-human was over, but given the advancements I've gained now over the few years I've been doing all this- I'm pretty sure I'm no longer a human, as such I think it's time for higher goals.


🔞 The Great and Terrifying Dragon of The Hills
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It's been two months since my last contract, Marcie is doing well- hm...as best as she can be I should say. She's going to school, and not making too many friends, I think she's still dealing with what happened, and the normal therapist isn't cutting it. I'll have to get into contact with Liam, or another Dr. that Nathan mentioned to try and help her, the best thing for her right now is to have an outlet besides just me and Kazarisu to talk to about what happened to her family.


For me it was easy to tell what happened to me right after coming back from my last mission, I don't eat anymore. Or drink for that matter. I mean I can, and it processes normally to some degree, but it doesn't 'come out' if I can be gross for a second. I still sleep though, and holding my breath still makes me lightheaded so I still have those things to wonder about, but if I'm becoming a spirit that might not be something I will think about for very long. I eventually asked Kazarisu about himself a bit more, how he functions, etc. After all, I'll be just like them soon enough, and really I'm pretty much on the cusp of it.


Kazarisu: I mean- I drink and eat because it tastes good, anything outside of that I don't need to do it. Stuff just turns into a little extra energy for me, probably why you're so happy I'm not shitting all over your apartment.


Ricter: I appreciate that, more than you know. So you just don't need to do all that stuff?


Kazarisu: I'm a yokai, I effectively live forever unless exorcised, I don't need to sleep, drink, eat, or breathe really. I AM wind, therefore I can manifest it in any way I like really. 


Ricter: Huh, wait...shit- how am I going to explain to everyone that I might become immortal...


Kazarisu: Given how you humans act I wouldn't sweat it, in maybe 100 years or so your world will be too fucked to even continue living here.


Ricter: You do realize we need a world to live on, right?


Kazarisu: I'm fully expecting you to find an 'out' if shit goes south, besides we've gone to what- 3 alternate dimensions? I'm sure we can find one where I can get all the lap dances a weasel could ever dream of.~

Ricter: Pff, yeah the "lap dance dimension", let me just ask around if anyone encountered that yet haha.


So it seems that I'm on track for this slow evolution of my skills, same for my capabilities to get both better and turning into a possibly immortal spirit. I've already changed my body into a sable, I'm pretty sure this might be the last step of my transition, which has been a scary one for sure but I'm kinda happy it's come so far. I'm still me, despite everything. Even better I've learned that when I hit my logical peek I may not need to do as many contracts just to live an alright life, especially since I've realized I've gotten even faster at my job and work for evaluating properties. 


Speaking of work, now that most of my buddies saw me on the news flying around I've been getting pretty popular. The company has been using me for projects that are higher scale, money has been okay but I'll probably begin my own business soon, I have all the details ready, I just need a few funds to kick it off. Might see about doing something in my off days to earn some major cash rather than something small.

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