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Ricter Casenger

A 11-Victory Seasoned Contractor played by Ricterx in Maelstrom

Ricter Casenger is a construction worker who will risk his life to become the ultimate kamaitachi and transcend the limits of his mortality.

He is 30 years old, lives in a modest apartment in Spring Field Illinois, and often appears as a tall bald man with dark skin and blue slitted eyes.

Ricter Casenger lives in Maelstrom, a setting where videos of the supernatural go viral every day. His journal has 32 entries. His Questionnaire has 29 answers.













4 Alertness

2 Animals

4 Athletics

2 Brawl

5 Crafts

2 Culture

3 Drive

0 Firearms

3 Influence

3 Investigation

2 Medicine

0 Melee

2 Occult

2 Performance

2 Science

2 Stealth

2 Survival

2 Technology

2 Thievery

(Tap for Combat reference)
Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Ricter Casenger is unharmed)

(Tap for Severe Injury reference)

Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Ricter Casenger has no Battle Scars)

Body 8


9 Mind





  • [Chimera] Thunderbird Horn - Exert your Mind and spend an Action. Select a target within 45 feet. This Effect cannot be used unless you are in a stormy environment or near a major source of electricity. Roll Perception + Athletics Difficulty 6. The target may contest by rolling Body, Difficulty 6. If they succeed, they suffer a temporary dice penalty of 4 - Outcome on their next Action. If they fail, they are stunned and lose their next Action. If the Contested Outcome is positive, the target takes that much Damage. This Effect spreads to all targets within 5 feet of the initial target.
  • [Augment] Salamander - You do not suffer harm from heat, cold, pressure, or lack of oxygen in a Conflagrated/Ignited environment, provided that challenge normally exists in that environment. Given by Nathan Hong.
  • [Augment] ATF Canines Nose - Behaves like an explosive and narcotics trace detection device. Given by Nathan Hong.

  • Turbulence

    Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one hour


    Finances: Average
    From Assets and Liabilities
    You can live stably off your money. You have access to $2,500 (or equivalent currency) per Contract.
    Point of Contact: Chinese Real-estate Billionaire
    Given by Ricterx
    You know someone in a specific industry or area of influence, and can lean on them for assistance. Once per Contract, and once per Downtime, you may call in a favor from Zhì Péng. Your contact is not brainwashed or supernaturally compelled, and they may refuse to do things which are unreasonable or absurd. You may attempt to call in additional favors beyond the first one, but these are not guaranteed, and over-use of your contact may cause you to lose them, as well as create potential Loose Ends.
    Illuminated: Confirmed
    Given by Ltyinkwint
    You are known to be a supernatural being. Compelling evidence is available to all, and even skeptics are convinced. You have access to the media and to special partnerships. However, you may be hunted or taken advantage of, depending on the specifics of your talents and presentation.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Contortionist You are unusually flexible, and may squeeze through small spaces with ease. Reduce the Difficulty of any roll to escape a grapple or Dexterity roll involving flexibility by 2.
    Seen Things Your exposure to unspeakable horrors has hardened you. You are at -1 Difficulty to all Trauma rolls. Requires Seasoned status (10 victories).
    From Maelstrom
    The Third Kamaitachi Your connection to Kazarisu, the origin of your yokai transformation, grows stronger. You may exert your mind to heal any wound you have caused by kissing or licking it. You must roll self-control in order to approach any Japanese protective charms/talismans.

    Loose Ends


    Contractor Timeline

    11 Victories - 1 Failure
    Remaining Exp: 8 (Earned: 311 - Spent: 303)
    An itemized record of every Contract, Reward, Experience change, Condition, Circumstance, and Move


    Ricter Casenger has made 2 Moves.
    Only GMs who have permission to run Contracts and post World Events in Maelstrom can post Moves for Ricter Casenger.


    Ricter is an honest man, growing up in Springfield IL he went to a normal middle and high school, having fairly nice grades and joined nearly every club he could. He was bullied in elementary school and changed drastically after getting into high school, becoming popular and well-liked due to his honesty and active nature.

    On becoming a young adult he went to college for general architecture, getting a job in his fathers small business in a van helping to build homes and fixing roofs. He had stuck with this for nearly a decade, finding the back-breaking honest work boring, and also painful, knowing by the time he'd become 45 he'd be too broken of a man even to lift his finger. All this hard work, for what? Money? A home? To make a family?

    It all felt like too much work, to much of a high price just to be an average joe, or just a nice person till the day he died. It was then, he'd be shown that he is something much more than just a normal man, much more than something simply destined to work a 9 to 5 job till he eventually gets hurt and can no longer do so any more.

    It was that day, the day he went to work and noticed something in the fog, that he became a Contractor and walked off the job for the first time ever.

    Assets And Liabilities


    -0 Finances: Average
    -3 Contortionist
    -0 Seen Things