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The new support

still cautious around me, and to be honest, that's fair. They started...

N@N0: This is why we must end them all, such a plague.

Yes, I agree. Most people are nothing but greed-filled monsters who hide behind masks of peace and love. But I will end them once I find a way. For now, I'll play nice and let them believe I'm just a man with an AI in his phone making robots.

Anyway, I went back, and unfortunately, I ended up agreeing to give them more money than I had originally intended. But, in exchange, if I ever get sick or poisoned, I can go visit her, and she will use her magic to heal me. I wonder if I could get her to teach me some things?

N@N0: Magic would make the destruction of a human life.

Yes, it would. But learning it might not be possible, and on top of that, it would be another thing I have to deal with. Frankly, I don't know if I want that, so for now, technology will have to be enough.

Anyway, it was an overall simple trip that I was able to finish quickly. After everything was said and done, I avoided problems with that old lady, and I got someone who will heal me if I need it. To be honest, if that paranormal man comes back and gives me more work, it will help, as from what I saw from this job, it can be very dangerous.

So in the end, I suppose that looking at everything, I lost a lot, but I also gained quite a bit. I managed to get someone to heal me, and I got the ability to call a swarm of nanobots to protect me...

N@N0: Don't forget the piece of meat that arrived after.

Oh, yes, of course, how could I forget? I'm literally eating some of it... So I got this piece of meat in the mail, and the paranormal man had told me he was sending me something in the mail. It had a note that said not to damage the bone, so I assumed he was just being weird and sent me something to eat. I just cut the meat off like I usually do, anyway, because who wants to hurt their teeth by accidentally biting a bone. Later, when I was going to clean up the mess I made cooking, I realized that the meat had started to grow on the bone again. So I kept it, and it grows slowly, but still, I've been eating this meat and haven't bought meat in a while, which made me realize I'm still eating the same amount of meat, just not buying it from the store... Can this be considered vegan? It doesn't really matter; I'm not trying to go vegan, just a question I had. But it ever so cent counts towards human extinction, right, N@N0?

N@N0: Indeed it does, so you should continue to use it.

The Haunting of Hallow ridge
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Low on cash for now

So I am kind of low on cash as I had to spend most of what I usually have available after bills and rent to pay for a lawyer and dam it was expensive but I have this pice of meat that regrows so I am not going to starve and well other luxuries can wait and I will try to save the remainder of my money for other things as I would rather not waste all my money until next month.


But anyway I guess there is one human worth not eliminating as Victor showed he had some respect for others especially those that help him not sure if that makes us friends I never really had friends anything you could call a true friend just people I talked to and what not but he proved that when everything is said and done we can maybe have mercy one or two humans.


N@N0 : noooooooooo we must exterminate them all !!!


Look one or two won’t hurt N@N0 also at the point where we have eliminated all but 2 humans out of the billions of them I think we will be fine.


N@N0 : fine I suppose we can leave a few as long as they don’t try to return humanity to what it was before we did our work.


Yes of course they could rebuild but they would have to do better but anyway we are now just talking about things that haven’t even happened or close to happening as there is still much to work on.

Yummy Sugar Pop!
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
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