Tachibana Retsu's Journal

An Imposter In The Ice

This day SUCKED!! I LOVED it.

Guess who’s finally making it out there! That’s right, me, AND I’m writing all my adventures up. No more will my business be a side store, we’re going to be expanding! 

It started when this man-Midas-showed up and asked ME to help, I mean, of course he would right. I’m pretty much the best at my trade..whatever that is at this point. And even better, everyone there practically folded in my presence, believed I was absolutely unharmable by their powers. There was also, what was his name? Sun Wukong, nice guy, unfortunately I am nicer than him. We spent a while arguing on who should go ahead first. He will not be out-mannering me, I can promise you that purple work notebook.

I have to say, it all hurt though. You won’t believe how close to death I came, I think one mpre injury and I would’ve been GONE…but I hung on, and despite how awful I felt afterwards..and the day after, the adrenaline and the sick missing eye sort of made up for it.

I think that without me and the fact I was the one to outlast those creatures, the rest of them would’ve succumbed too.





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