Chiffeo's Journal


Contract report: No "saurus" in this boba

I've recently got pulled into a "Contract" by a "Harbinger". It seems like its an ordeal of sorts where people go through a request the "Harbinger" gave them and in turn, receive a power awakening as I have. Below are the events that transpired, I will keep it short
 -Mar,19th,2021:Brutal bombing in Chicago as I was minding my own business.
  -Met 4 other future participant, a lanky-looking homeless man and a bald man in a suit, a mortician that looks like a borderline zombie and a man who looks almost as if he's a neanderthal plucked straight from his time.
  -All including me were injured (albeit a minor injury from my judgement) in the explosion, in the same time leaflets were dropped on us after we met each other in an alleyway. I figured it was the harbinger who sent it.
 -The next day I found a plane ticket to San Francisco so I flew there to see what I can find.
  -Included with the ticket is a location which when I arrived, the 4 aforementioned individuals are already there guided by the same means as I.
  -We then meet with the CEO of Prometheus Ventures, he told us to go get a creature at a place and handed us a delta radiation detector fashioned from an old toy.
  -That place is a boba tea shop and there's also a group of people going after the same thing we're after from what it seems
 -They attacked us, we defended ourselves, the store manager was spouting cult-like sentences and the creature was found (a centipede-toad mix with webbed leg and yellow eyes 2ft in length)
 -We managed to deliver it back while being chased by mind-controlled individuals on our ways.

P.S: I'm tired of writing reports like this why can't you just let me do audio log, prick.



-Uncle made a fuss about me going home with a bullet-wound on my shoulder which I've got fighting thugs before, drove me to a hospital we explained it being a stray shot from street crimes, will try avoid this in the near future.
-Taking the contract actually had me encountering anomalies directly for the first time.. Which felt kind of bizarre but maybe that's what I'll have to get used to soon enough.
-Well now that I've been through a contract my brother suddenly contacted me and offer to let me in on his private detective office, uniforms and all, putting two and two together, that guy is definitely also a contractor though he didn't elaborate on it... Pretty sure he is high ranked considering him being an absolute enigma.
-All these stuff circulating around me really tires me out, that and the bullet wound too. But I will continue.

Golden Opportunity

Contract report: The Golden Opportunity

Contract date: **/**/****

This is the second contract I have attended as requested of a harbinger. It went as follows:

-Met the same group of contractors as the last one. Lucious Jabroni, Cave man Conk, Beco-de-whatever, the zombie guy wasn't there though but the medic lady that patched my head up in the Chicago bombing was there instead.

-We were tasked with seizing the "Golden Opportunity" inside a castle said to have cultists activities. Said cultists are later found in the underground area of the castle, including bystanders and various artifact that neither party knows how it works (although there is a book which makes whoever reads it immediately sleeps) (cultists also seems to all wear grey robes, higher ranked ones are adorned with various gold and such.)

-Arriving at the castle, I do noticed that the colors in the surrounding area looks wrong, as if it... tastes wrong? All of my senses are scrambled trying to comprehend this... Anyway, we tried to make our way into the castle quietly, moving from the hill and then going inside from the sewer (I think?) , then encountered and subdued some of the cultists suspects and made our way deeper inside, went through a gate and tried to disguise ourself with cultists robes.

-Turns out the abnormality was a pool of gold encased in blackstone surrounding it were 8 cultists chanting, the pool then reached out to us, trying to make us touched the pool I tried to destroy the pool using dynamites from Beco, but the medic lady rushed in to touch the pool so we threw that at the cultists taking out 4 of them, remaining 4 touched the pool it seemed one got rejected by it and got launched backward and died hitting a wall, the rest got encased in gold gaining supernatural power, I couldn't observe further due to risk of getting one of us killed. After taking the cultists out everyone else started touching the pool but me, it reached out tried to fry my brain but I touched it in the end... it felt like a foreign power was surging through me.. We then decided to get out of the castle afterward.

Ps: I feel like I'll be meeting these contractor "mates" over and over again, what are the odds that you would recruit them?



This contract got me beaten up bad, If I didn't brace myself for that hit.. Amazingly however the wound heals pretty quick on its own after a visit to the hospital, but to be sure next time I'll get some kind of protection, civilian vest? Do they allow a detective office to purchase armor and what not? I'll have to deal with this problem, it's two life-threatening situation in two contracts now, what if the next time is the last one?... There's really no point to this, contracts are meant to test the participants I think and smooth sea doesn't make skilled sailor does it? I tried to get my mind off this, but other than to awaken myself, it almost feels like.. I'm compelled to do this as if... It'll lead me to the truth.

Brother also sent me a message to congrat me for my 2nd contract, that bastard.

Smell no Evil

Contract report: Smelly Evil?

Contract date: **/**/****

Here goes another contract, this one came from a weird looking guy in manor, he even threw us out for staying there too long. Here is what transpired:

-This one kind of started abruptly given that after I signed the invitation to the contract I immediately blacked out and woke up in a van at a manor, lucky I got dressed and all but I didn't bought my weapon.

-A bunch of mostly recognizable faces are also in the van. There's Beco, Zombie, Neandethal, August and a guy with a cowboy hat that's apparently a very famous person? Something Lazarthus Lit?

-Anyway we all are participant of this contract and we got to prepare ourselves for this one also, it is an escort contract where we have to take Bradley, a vampire dog to Hawaii. Given the abilities of these participants, I doubt I'll need a weapon of my own so I gotten myself an pretty nice eyepatch for my transformed left eye so people wouldn't "eye" as much.. Also to lessen its effects.

-Contracts pretty simple, we headed to a hotel near the airport around 7pm to find Bradley in a room so dark it felt like all light have been consumed even after finding out Bradley's nature one of us just wouldn't stop petting it.

-We got past airport security, not sure if thanks to the cowboy dude influence or not but no one had trouble (Surprisingly) and settled on the plane. Most of us sat in the back of the plane next to the restroom while I sat alone in the middle for a better view around, cowboy guy sat in the first class like a prick.

-Everything went smoothly so far, I thought it was going to be a breeze of a contract but the dog got hungry and August went in the restroom with it to "Pop a racoon and feed it to the dog" (Quoted from Beco). Which caused a commotion that led to the air attendant investigating it which.. With immaculate timing, stopped by the Cowboy Celebrity grabbing her hand and demanding steak. It doesn't help much as there was a woman on board that found out what was going on (If the sign of Beco walking out of the bathroom half-drenched in blood didn't give it away), she seemed to be a evil-hunter with a traumatic past from what my gaze revealed and she was heading to the back with a murderous intent. I signaled one of us to stop her which turned out more trouble, Gary got up to stop her but she backhanded him away amazingly for someone her size but that made Gary lost his temper and he morphed his arm into this hulking flesh mass a grabbed her by the skull. I tried to intervene had the 2 air marshals in the plane didn't stood up. They both barked back and forth with Gary, Conk was surprisingly sleeping soundly through this, Beco tried to back Gary up, August seems to be busy cleaning up the mess in the restroom. Cowboy was moving around in the plane as if keeping an eye on the situation but they somehow deescalate it and got the woman detained. Just in time for the plane to land in Hawaii

-Sad part is, the pilot has already contacted the airport security and they've established a perimeter around the plane to check everyone on it. Bradley was gone the moment the plane landed, the group at the back of the plane where taken in with the woman. I headed out with Cowboy and had to make it past a security check which they did told me to lift my eyepatch and saw the unusual pupil which I really hope they pass it as a Chuunibyou weeb or something. Anyhow, contract is complete but I suspect that I am being watched. Be ready to cut some loose end if they manage to track it to you.

P.S: There title was something written in the contract invitation but I forgot about it




Sticky situation

Got away from that airport after all the commotions, I called uncle and let him know that I'm on Hawaii for work related-reasons and I'm not coming home probably for the next 5 days or at worse, more. He let me go and now I'm staying at one of my office colleague's place after the plane commotion just to be sure that the people there didn't put tracking devices on me and probably take a look around the place a bit. Well, if it wasn't filled to the brim with litter around the place. The bigger problem is the potential of me being taken in by any of the party which I did some looking into on the internet don't want to be some of them would even go as far as capturing huge monster to take in for experiments. What would they even do to people like me though?

The gang escapes captivity
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
Sky High
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Quieting down

I have start to come to term with what revelation I've experienced after the prison experiments. At the same time I have not experience any mutations yet so I think the curse is dormant for now, which is a relief. Some of my colleagues let me in on what they think the director is trying to go for, one of them, the man with a smoking addiction. (I should write down these people's name, don't feel right calling them like this) told me that the director is currently on the hunt for records of OWLs and Gen-Wylds as they have a high chance of associating with my real past. Lucky me I have someone like him to back me up around these parts. With that concern addressed, I'm sure I can lay back and relax myself for a while before he dump a load of investigative work on me. Surely?

Call From the Wild
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It seems nothing have changed since the last contract. My transformation is still halted and no gift have awaken yet at the time of this journal. Priest lady at the workplace got me some mangos though for staying up late to write a report, the fruit tasted great, its somewhat crunchy but juicy at the same time, Bird guy also told me to pair it with salt for extra flavor.. On a reminder's note, I need to get a new coat. I lost mine trying to bandage up a gorilla's wound on a contract (As if I wanted to wear a gorilla scented coat) which is a shame because it was a nice coat too. And I also needs to figure out what the gifts the Locket guy gave me even do.... Maybe I'll have some more mangos while working on it. 

I'll just laze around the day for while instead.

Abyss Contract: Abraham

Contract report: Abraham

Contract date: **/**/****

This contract was bought to me by the Italian gunsmith, Lazarus Lithp who I have the dishonor of meeting on a couple of contracts. He apparently was able to afford to contact the networks of harbingers and hired a team of contractors to solve his problem instead of contacting our office.

His agents contacted us to deal with his problem which is his mansion from memory appearing out of no where in the streets of Italy. We were then taken there and are promptly briefed with the basic information, the team was a bit short-handed since there were only Knife, Bear, Muscle and I.

I'll keep it brief: The mansion belonged to his family and was supposed to be destroyed years ago by a tragic accident have now reappeared in the present day and all of his agents seems unwillingly to go inside it, thats where we came in. The mansion upon entering engulfed our group in a void-like environment, no signs of outside activities nor connections between the two place. The first look inside the mansion shows that it was abandoned in a hurry, signs of ongoing activities can be found amongst numerous rooms except for the master study room on the 2nd floor which seems to terrifies Bear a lot. After entering the room, we met the mansion butler after a moment of looking around it. We tried to work things out but somethings seemed to have went wrong so we were forced to fight the now malformed butlers and oozes that resembled securities in the mansion. After the ensuing combat, we made our way down to the basement only to see occultism activities and the man himself Abraham. Diplomacy attempt were made but it was pointless and we had to take him out (Hence the monocle that I've shown to you). Most of us was in a pretty bad shape after it but overall we completed the contract so it was somewhat worth it.

Ps: I need another coat, this one is ruined by copious amounts of oozes and cologne that Knife threw at me, for some reason the smell just won't come off.

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.
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