Austin's Journal

From Somalia With Love
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New real who dis?

            This place is weird. I’ve been all across the country in my time. I’ve been through small towns and large cities in my life. I’ve even spent some time surviving in the wild. I’ve never quite attended a place like this before. It seems like a collecting point. Like the lint trap of the universe. There are all kinds of weird things here. I would say they’re out of place but if everything is out of place doesn’t that mean that it’s all in place?

            Despite the strange smorgasbord of disparate things this place doesn’t seem too bad. No one is chasing me down or trying to pick a fight with me. They seem to mostly ignore me and leave me alone with the friends in my backpack. I’m able to move around unmolested and gather what I need to survive.

            There’s a lot of interesting items to be found here. I’ve found myself in a large circus which seems to be surrounded in a series of tunnels and caves. I’m not quite sure how I got here from the island, but I can’t say I hate the place. There are plenty of stray socks with the most exciting stories to tell here. Just walking around the place, I can pick up a whole new group of friends each with an exciting tale of their own.

            I think I’ll be able to fit in with this new place. I’ll just have to keep my head low and keep and eye out for new friends to be made.

Into Darkness
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Socket Puppet Theater Grand Opening

            My friends have convinced me to set up a sock-puppet theater on the circus grounds. This will give them a chance to share their stories, a place where I can help tell their tales to the carnies and all of the circus-goers. Now that the stage is set, they’re all clambering to have a show, to get a chance to spin their tale. I’ve promised that they all will get there turn but I’ve elected Nancy to present hers first.

            Hers is the tale of a young woman who moves to a new city. She meets a dashing young man and the two have the night out of a lifetime. Afterwards they forget to exchange contact information and she spends a month hatching hilariously ridiculous plans to meet him again. All to no avail. It ends with her giving up and sullenly making her way to a laundromat. There she finds him again, the two catch up and the play ends with them walking out the door.

            I think this story will be a nice romantic comedy for those attending the circus. Something light and fun to usher them in and make them feel welcome. Once the circus gets more underway, I’ll broaden out and tell more stories. There are so many interesting characters here, so many fascinating stories just waiting to be told. I hope that some visitors will stop by the theater. I know that my friends would be saddened if no one came to hear their stories.

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