Completed Contract

Strazhari ran Into Darkness

This Contract took place in The Netherworld on Nov 07, 2021 at 8:25PM

The Netherworld House Rules

Approval: All Restricted Assets MUST be approved by me before a Character is permitted to play. A Contractor that is deemed unsuitable to the setting will not be allowed to participate. As always, I reserve the right to disallow or even ban Characters or Players without warning or reason given.

No Spectators: You will not be permitted to play in Netherworld games if you have played in 7+ games but not yet run one (any World, Side Games count if verified). This number "resets" to 0 every time you run a game. An exception will be made in the event a given PC has filled out ALL of their Game Journals & Downtime reports.

Dread: Dread is my own House Rule that applies in my games alone. Essentially, if I deem a Player speaking out of turn or otherwise being disruptive, they will get ONE (1) warning. After that they will take Cumulative levels of Mind Damage for each occurrence, as the inescapable grasp of death closes around their throats, leaving them blithering idiots.

Action Movie Intro: If you agree to play in this Cell, you agree to be introduced into games as I see fit: for example, you are all jumping off an exploding plane - it's up to you to determine "Why." This House Rule can countermand the usual limit on Harbingers requiring your consent for a Contract, be warned.


Basil - Victory
Played by Fayetality

Basil has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

Bonk him in the head!

Delilah - Victory
Played by Lemmy

Delilah has not yet spent their Gift for this Contract.

I want the Flowers, sans pants!

Nan Akson - Victory
Played by lumiq

Displaced a LOT of water

Adam - Victory
Played by jwesley123

Spinning on a single toe, saving the day

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