Ingenious Professional

Strazhari has played 12 Contractors in a total of 86 Contracts, earning 68 Wins, 10 Failures, and 1 Contractor Death.

They have survived 15 Contracts where another Contractor died.
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Just Harbinger

Strazhari has run 62 Contracts and 14 Moves in 8 Playgroups for 173 Contractors and 59 Players. Contractors in their Contracts received 167 Gifts, failed but survived 61 times, and met with 26 unfortunate ends.

They have achieved the Golden Ratio 10 times.
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Edgar Stokes The Garbage Man King of the Ghouls

A 24-Victory Professional Contractor from Maelstrom

Liam Holloway The Haunted Paramedic Vigilante

A 5-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Murdoch The psychotic tweaker Snake Oil Salesman

A 6-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Amarjeet Inderpal The Security Specialist bodyguard

A 13-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Maelstrom

Guido The Psychic Diplodocus Temporal Anomaly

A 11-Victory Seasoned Contractor from Project *******

Rajhad Marijhava The Thugee Faithful Tiger

A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor from The Void

Issac Norton II The man who would be Emperor Imperial Sovereign

A 7-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Mr. X The man with no name

A Ported as Veteran Contractor from The Netherworld

Prototype The method of putting right what once went wrong

A Ported as Veteran Contractor without a home World

Deceased Contractors

Yuri Borodin The Woodcutter

A Newbie Contractor without a home World

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