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Power-Building contest

Create rad Powers, win prizes!

The Contract’s first Power Contest

We are proud to announce The Contract’s first Power-building contest! We are challenging our community to create the most inventive, unique Powers they can with the Powers System!

How to enter

  1. Create a Power. You can also enter a Power you’ve already made.
  2. Send a link to the Power in a Direct message to Shadytradesman. It does not have to be public.
  3. The contest closes for entries on June 29 midnight, Pacific Standard Time. Limit 3 entries per user.


Judging will be done by a pane of experienced GMs and site Administrators. Not all entries will receive feedback. Three entries will be selected as winners in the following categories:

  • Best flavor: awarded to the Power that best fits its Contractor’s unique flavor and/or elevates the base Effect beyond its mechanics.
  • Best Mechanics: awarded to the Power that is most inventive and clever with the mechanics of an Effect. It should be useful on a Game.
  • Best Description: awarded to the Power that best uses the Description text. It should explain how the Power acts and appears when it is used. Ideally it is not only interesting, but concise and provides GMs enough information to make game-time calls for situations not covered by the System.


The winners of all three categories will become Example Powers on the website, and any winning Powers that cost a single Gift will be added as Stock Powers. All Players with a winning Power will receive 4 Exp to spend on their contractors.

The winners and runner-ups will be announced in a blog post.

Good Luck!