A world where the world, originally shook by magic. Has changed to a sort or peace, everyone has intergrated it into their personal lives.

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Trankuillity was created by Tranks_300 2 years, 3 months ago

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Trankuillity, a play on tranquillity. Is a world of odd, well tranquillity. Peace between magic men and the law has been achieved. Will you be ready?

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Trankuillity, a world of newly found peace.

(Sorry For Bad Writing,)

Trankuillity, a play on tranquillity, is a world of odd... well tranquillity. Peace between magic men and the law has been achieved. Will you be ready to face what lies next?


Magic began its practice in the earliest days of humanity. But it was truly discovered in the 1500s; untill deniers of magic took control. The ideals of magic were forgotten. Later, around 1928, magic books, shards, staffs, orbs were found in the city of Hamburg, during the transportation of these items to be studied. The railcar was attacked. The items were taken and distributed around the world. Then, to stop this new magic craze. It was outlawed. Execution was a worldwide punishment for magic. A while later, magic became more common. People stopped reporting magic. Untill a magic user Theim Plenns was hunted down. During his arrest, he used magic to change the cameras location to the horrid prisons where magic users were kept. This caused mass protests and ended with Theim being thrown into an interdimensional portal. He will be back.