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Earth, 2018

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It's Earth, alright. Boring old Earth a few years before we reach a pandemic. We have a total lunar eclipse, the Winter Olympics, and the world seems fine. But that's just what goes on above the iceberg. No, Earth is a lot more intricate than that. There are dirty dealings and the supernatural happening where the mundane aren't. Sometimes, these otherworldly beings get off scot-free to do their business. Sometimes, the mundane get dragged in and may very well perish. But you? No. You've been invited. Invited to become a part of this supernatural underworld, risking your life to stake your claim on your most prized wishes. You will fight the classics, like werewolves and vampires. You will fight the powers of the world, taking lives at the expense of the government. You will fight for your life in these Games, and you may very well die just like so many others who have come along into this new realm of chance and possibility. Of course, these Games have rewards. You, too, can become supernatural. You, too, can become a werewolf, or shoot lasers out of your eyes, or turn invisible at will, or create explosions at the snap of your fingers. All it takes is for you to take up the job and sign the contract. But be warned. Once you participate in these challenges, you can't go back. Your life will never be the same. So what say you? Do you dare enter through the gates of a world beyond your imagination and this Earth you've come to know for so long? Or do you stand there and send away the Harbinger, ready to keep living the mundane life you still wish to keep?