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The Universe was created by Tranks_300 3 years, 1 month ago

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Everything from Modern times to cave man times.

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At the start, the void was all. Through time, life formed, and then the void weakened. The void began to attempt to kill the life but it only wasted enrgy, the war was fought until life formed and turned the void to matter. The matter There was one being. That being was being an egg, the egg was created by a ring, which formed from the great matter that was the void. That ring was formed of millions of years of condensation, the egg gave life to 6 beings. The Oceanic Beings, Squidward, and Octavian. The Beings of Sky and Space, Aevation and Galctaias. The Beings of Land and Time, Timarian and Lantra formed many planets and then came life as we know it. The planets had wars, those wars created the Gods. Then Godlike Humanity ended, normal Humanity began like it did in the real world. Humans evolved and formed life. Few nations kept the old gods, these were; Japan, Sudan, and a few others. The people of pre-colonization Peru also believed. Many people angered the Godlike Humanities and were forced to work. Many who didn't care about the gods, but knew about them would work in the afterlife. Those that cared would gain powers beyond belief. After death, those who didn't believe went to reincarnation. Those who knew would be tested based on power. The powers have a side effect. The god's personality seeps into the mind of the vessel, but the mind is never controlled. Essentially, three forms of life. Beings, Godlike Humanities, and Humanities.