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2 years, 10 months ago: Guido wrote a Downtime Journal for Egg Hunt


CLEARANCE: Reasearch Personnel directly involved with Containment Protocols for SCP-5273

MEMO: Research Intent

While certain more...liberal...personnel may see the opportunity to study a Time Displaced organism as a chance to indulge your scientific curiosity, allow me to remind you that the security of Consensus Reality increasingly depends on the Foundation utilizing it's Anomalous Resources to counter bad actors through out society as well as throughout quantum dispered reality. The mere existence of these Paranormal Contractors implies the forces both willing & able to disrupt our delicate status quo. We must be is a position to effectively deploy our Anomalous Resources without qualm, hesitation, or sentiment.

This is especially true of SCP-5273, with it's growing capacity to alter local Time/Space. The research of this mutation & it's potential replication is of critical importance to the security of not just the Foundation but the world as we know it. If that means that we must risk the "Goose that laid the Golden Egg," then we must do so with a bold hand, for to be indesciscive at this critical time could spell disaster for us all.

Reaffirming the purpose of our reasearch is occasionally required, & in this case I wish to leave no doubt: SCP-5273 WILL continue to assist in MTF operations. Stress tests of it's anomalous capacities WILL continue (with D-Class only, however. Good agents are hard to come by). We will not speak of this again, & personnel who wish to go above me to Ethics will find themselves reassigned.

To drive this point home, the following "Enrichment" activities are canceled:

"Playing with the Dino"

"Honking Contests"

"Snuggle Time"

I am sure you all understand the importance of this work.

-from the office of Dr. Bright


2 years, 10 months ago: Guido wrote a Contract Journal for Egg Hunt

Encephalograph Testing

File: Encephelographic Recording on SCP-5273 - Temporal Displaced Diplodocus carnegii

Compiled by Dr. Conway

In keeping with our research initiative, we have begun encephelograph recordings of SCP-5273 both at regular intervals (feeding, erichment, stress tests) as well as during sleep cycles. This process is complicated by the neural bridge between the forebrain & hindbrain, & requires special equipment & training for accurate results.

We continue to find anomalous neural activity, especially during sleep cycles. Occasionally, these bouts of increased activity are paralell with increased readings of Temporal Radiation detectable through [CLASSIFIED]. On [REDACTED], we found a most turbulent episode recorded, as well as found SCP-5273 in an agitated, fearful state. The usual methods of calming SCP-5273 were largely ineffective, & we reluctantly turned to Sedation for a further physical exam.

Noticable lesions were present in the neural ganglia, as well as increased levels of anabolic acid build up in muscular tissue. This is potentially very concerning, as previous biopsy has suggested the Temporal Radiation present in SCP-5273 may be leading to uncontrolled, possibly cancerous mutation. When roused, SCP-5273 was listless, & continued making distressed vocalizations. It is possible that there are psychological factors at play with the progression of the mutation or Psychokinetic episodes.

Conclusion: It is my belief that SCP-5273 should be removed from MTF operations until such a time as we can ascertain the potential Physiological & Psychological ramifications of it's anomalous capacities in high stress environments. Risking the specimen could close down several lines of invaluable research.

Re: Encephalograph Testing

From the Office of Dr. Bright




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