Legacy Power: Carpenter's Precision

A chisel can cut through wood like butter. What do you think it does to flesh?

A 0 Gift Melee Mastery Power used by Allen Nakamura, created by ShadyTradesman.


Allen is no stranger to alternative uses for his tools.


Passive, always in effect. Attacks with [[weapon-type]] will do [[additional-damage]] more damage. The target's Armor is Fully Effective.


  • Assassin (If your attack injures someone, they cannot make a sound, even incidentally, for a single Round.)


  • Specialist (These benefits only apply to a certain specific class of weaponry.)
    • Type of Weapon - Only works with tools


Armor Effectiveness: 0 ( Fully Effective ) Bonus Damage: 2 ( +2 )

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- March 25, 2021, 1:35 a.m. - New Cost: 0. Initial power creation

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