You'll feel better I promise


A 1 Gift Heal Wound Power used by Chuckles smileyface, created by jwesley123.


Bees swarm forth from Chuckles and build a hive out of their flesh. Pouring into the wound buzzing and healing.

System Passive

Exert your Mind and spend 15 Minutes treating a specific Injury on a Living target. Roll Intellect + Medicine Difficulty 6 - 3. Each Success reduces the Injury's Severity by one. If you can reduce its Severity to zero, the wound is fully healed. Otherwise, it is partially healed and stabilized, and it will heal the rest of the way at its natural rate.

You cannot target yourself, and you cannot target the same Injury more than once.


  • Mechanic (This Power can be used on any Animate targets)
  • Strict Regimen (Upon treatment, you may specify a clearly-defined behavior that the patient must adhere to. If they violate the rule, the treatment is immediately reversed.)


  • Exhausting (After activating this Power, you cannot move quicker than a walk (max 15 feet per round) for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.)
  • Scarring (You receive a Battle Scar when you activate this Power. If this Power is benign (e.g. healing), the target receives the scar.)
    • Scar - Honeycombed skin
  • Traumatizing (Your target must make a trauma roll to reap the benefits of this power)


Cast Time: 0 ( 15 Minutes ) Potency: 1 ( 3 )

Edit History

- April 29, 2021, 6:22 p.m. - New Cost: 1. Initial power creation

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