Concentrated Time Dilation

"Yep, im blind. Totally."

A 1 Gift Protect Sense Power used by Aki Shizuko, created by coco.


Shizuko can slow down the sound waves as they enter her ear and pick apart every little detail.

System Passive

Passive. You will always have access to your sense of Hearing, unless it is suppressed by a supernatural effect.

This protects against losing a sense through injury, suppression, darkness, or sensory overload. It does not protect against physical barriers such as blindfolds, earmuffs, etc.


  • Synthesia (The information your protected sense would give you is also made available through your supporting sense. For example, if your sight is protected by your sense of hearing, you get a visual description of the source of any sound you hear.)
    • Supporting Sense - Sight


  • Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - watch

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