Field Medicine

"If you can take a bullet, you can handle a few stitches."

A 1 Gift Medical Power created by shady.


Most severe injuries occur far from a facility that could treat them, and in the fetid muck of the battlefield even minor wounds may be a death sentence. Luckily the soldier is well-trained in the use of their standard-issue medical kit. They may stabilize even the most severe injuries with a little gauze and some no-anesthetic stitching. Furthermore, the treated wounds of their comrades never get infected.

System Passive

Passive, always in effect.


  • Sterile (Sanitary conditions no longer matter during medical care. Your patients will never suffer an infection or toxic shock during treatment, even if you are performing surgery in a sewer with dirty hands and equipment.)
  • Field Medicine (You may stabilize any Injury during standard treatment, no roll or equipment required.)


  • Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Standard issue military medical kit

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