Personal Shield Generator

"Halo? Never heard of it. We don't have video games when I come from."

A 1 Gift Armor Power created by shady.


Standard issue in the Future Soldier's home time, the Personal Shield Generator (PSG) projects a protective energy barrier around the body. It absorbs damage far better than traditional armor, but its battery is quickly drained. When depleted, the PSG must spend a few seconds recharging.

The device itself is an unremarkable metal hexagon that is worn on the belt. When struck, the normally-invisible field of the PSG flashes, revealing a bright yellow honey-comb pattern encasing the body.

System Passive

When wearing the PSG, subtract 4 from damage dealt to you by physical attacks, down to a minimum of 0 damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

This is a unique item that may be lost or stolen.


  • Unpiercable (Your armor may reduce incoming damage to 0 instead of the standard minimum of 1.)


  • Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
  • Recharging Shield (Every time your Armor prevents damage, its rating in the Armor parameter is temporarily decreased by 1. Your rating in the Armor Parameter is restored if the shield does not prevent damage for two rounds.)
  • Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)


Armor: 4 ( 4 )

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