Wolf Out

Now this really is a hairy situation.

A 1 Gift Alternate Form Power created by shady.


The Werewolf unleashes the beast within, quickly transforming into an imposing hybrid of woman and wolf with a series of bone-popping snaps. Her head is replaced wholesale with that of a wolf, and her hands become fearsome claws, useful only for tearing the flesh of her enemies. Grey fur sprouts from a great deal of her body, and tight-fitting clothing is often ripped and torn in the transformation. She cannot return to human form for several minutes.

System Active

Exert your Mind and spend an Action transforming into a werewolf. You must spend up to 3 minutes in your alternate form. You may end your transformation at will.

You have access to all of your Powers when you are a werewolf. Restricting other powers to your alternate form is a valid use of the Conditional drawback. Your Battle Scars are still present in your Alternate Form.


  • Anatomical Weapon (You have a specialized part of your anatomy you can use to attack with. This attack is rolled with Brawl, but Brawn can't be used as armor against it, and it has +1 damage.)
  • Boosted Attribute (You gain +1 to an Attribute in your Alternate Form. You cannot boost an Attribute more than once with this Enhancement.)
    • Attribute - Brawn


  • Paws (You are incapable of fine object manipulation in your Alternate Form.)


Duration: 2 ( 3 minutes )

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