Alexis surges with electricity, Godspeed!

A 3 Gift Super Speed Power used by Alexis Veir, created by coco.


Electricity sparks around the user, and a white aura glows around them. They are able to move at inhuman speeds for a short period of time.

System Active

Spend an Action and Exert your Mind. You can run 4 times your normal speed for 1 minute.

While this Power is active, you do not suffer any sort of exhaustion. Avoiding unexpected obstacles requires a Dexterity + Athletics roll.


  • Parkour (You may climb, jump, and roll during the duration, at 1/2 speed.)
  • Piece of Cake (You may activate this Power as a Free Action, meaning you may activate it and take an Action in the same Round of Combat.)


  • Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
    • Condition - In Full Focus state
  • Collapse (Upon ending your journey, you collapse and must remain immobile and resting for a duration equivalent to your running time.)


Duration: 1 ( 1 Minute ) Speed: 3 ( six times )

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Feb. 1, 2021, 4:01 p.m. - Revision Cost: 1. Added Drawback: Exhausting, Removed Drawback: Collapse

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