Healing Apples

“These remind me of home...”

A 3 Gift Heal Wound Power used by Grace Cyanide, created by lumiq.


Grace is homesick. Stuck in London and surrounded by people so different from Jersey’s, she can’t help but think back on the woods she first resided in, or even farther back, her bedroom... She takes an apple from her bag, cups it, and thinks of home. The Spirit’s hands go over the top of the apple, and the girls smile together with closed eyes. The apple makes crackling noises from the inside, like it’s shifting its makeup, and she hands it over. Once bit, the apple will give you thoughts of wherever in your life you felt the most home, and heal your wounds as the warm nostalgia spreads through you. (Grace will inevitably try to put one of her neon bandaids on you afterwards.)


Exert your Mind and spend 1 Minute treating a specific Injury on a Living target. Roll Intellect + Medicine Difficulty 6 - 2. Each Success reduces the Injury's Severity by one. If you can reduce its Severity to zero, the wound is fully healed. Otherwise, it is partially healed and stabilized, and it will heal the rest of the way at its natural rate.

You cannot target yourself, and you cannot target the same Injury more than once.


  • Heal Thyself (You may target yourself)


  • Critical Failure (Roll a single D10 when you activate this Power. If you roll a 1, you critically fail in a way that is extraordinarily dangerous. Failure should cause at least a Severity-4 Injury, a mutilating Battle Scar, or some other terrible consequence.)
    • Critical Failure Effect - Grace remembers the bad things about her past. The apple is now soaked with bitter poison.
  • Focus (Using this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - Red apples


Cast Time: 1 ( 1 Minute ) Potency: 0 ( 2 )

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