Werewolf Farmer

Im a simple farmer.

A 1 Gift Tools at Hand Power used by John Wulf, created by jwesley123.


He has learned to use his hardened nails and hands hardened by years of farming and the beast within him


Passive, always in effect. You have access to the functionality of hatchet, axe, sickle, pitchfork, spade, hoe, (a specific category of Device chosen at Power creation). Note that this covers the functionality of the tools and does not grant you the tools as objects themselves. You cannot use this Power to satisfy the requirements of the Focus Drawback.

This power can only replace mundane tools. As a rule of thumb, this power should not replace more tools than one could carry in a toolchest. It may not replace weapons by default (though certain tools can be used as makeshift weapons with normal effectiveness).


  • Arsenal (You may replace weaponry with this Power. Be sure to name the subclass of weaponry: firearms, melee weaponry, etc.)
    • Type of weaponry - Melee weapons


  • Active (This Power is no longer passive. Spend an Action and Exert your Mind to activate it for one hour.)

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