Hello, Horatio!

“Here, kitty kitty kitty...”

A 2 Gift Spawn Minions Power used by Grace Cyanide, created by lumiq.


Grace begins calling a cat and waving a ball of yarn. The Spirit’s old kitty, Horatio, appears as a ghostly form covered in soot. Upon closer inspection, you may be able to tell he was a calico. Horatio, at the GM’s discretion, may be able to perform small tasks that a mundane cat could, such as catch a bug or offer comfort. Additionally, he is able to perform a scratch attack, and The Spirit seems to be able to inexplicably understand Horatio (possibly due to their tie?).

System Active

Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, and make a Difficulty 7 Roll. If you succeed, you summon a single minion. You may have 1 active at a time. The minion lasts for an hour, and has cat-level intelligence.

Minions have the following stats. You have 12 points to distribute between the following:
Health levels, Movement dice, Attack dice, and alertness all of which have a maximum of 6.
Health: 3
Movement/dodge: 3
Attack (difficulty 6): 4
Alertness: 2
Their attack does (successes to hit + 1) damage.

These stats are determined at Power creation, not at cast time.


  • Skilled (Minions gain a basic skill of your choosing. Actions using it have a 3-dice pool.)
    • Skill: - Stealth

  • Report! (Your minions may communicate back to you. They do not gain intelligence beyond this.)


  • Mage (Activating this Power requires at least two committed Actions and involves intricate use of the arms, hands and either the voice or an object. If interrupted during activation, the Power Fails.)
    • Activation Ritual - Grace walks around waving her ball of yarn calling out for Horatio and inspecting places he could come out from.
  • Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
    • Object - A ball of yarn


Maximum Active Minions: 0 ( 1 ) Minion Stat Power: 1 ( 6 )

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