Kuma The Guide Dog


A 1 Gift Companion Creature Power used by Aki Shizuko, created by coco.


Shizuko figured she should probably bring her guide dog.

System Passive

To create your companion, use a similar procedure to creating a new Character. Instead of 150 Experience, you may spend no more than 64. You may not take Assets or Liabilities. Companion creatures have one Limit. You may spend any experience you earn on your companion's stats, if desired.

Regardless of your chosen Attributes and Abilities, the Actions available to any creature depend on the creature itself. For example, an elephant will not be able to make much use of the Stealth Ability.

Companion creatures cannot use tools or human technology.

Companions are capable of general communication skills and know one language. Your companion is controlled by you, though if you are separated, the GM may take some liberties to preserve drama and suspense.

Any roll to locate your companion (or vice-versa) is rolled at -2 Difficulty.


  • Improved (Your companion creature receives a one-time infusion of 18 Exp.)
  • Man's Best Friend (You, rather than the GM, have control over your companion's actions.)


  • Growl (Your companion cannot speak or communicate to yourself or others. However, it still understands a single language.)

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