Legacy Power: Misfortune

"They always get what's coming..."

A 3 Gift Injure Power used by Momma Ettu, created by Redchigh.


Momma Ettu knows bad things happen to bad people, without fail. The balance always tips, and if her speaking a few words can help it along, so be it.

By merely mentioning that someone 'has it coming', on success, the target received the injury if they fail to notice the threat.
A root easily tripped across, a car they don't see coming on the street, even a freak small and seemingly completely random asteroid impact or lightning strike are all possible. This does not summon anything new, it just ensures something in the environment will hurt them in a 'freak accident' if they fail to notice it. If they pass it, they may or may not notice what they missed at all, or the failure to notice may reveal nothing, and an allies attack suddenly does extra damage to the target by a fluke...

It's just.. the *worst* luck.


Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, choose a target within 45 feet, and make a roll Cha + Influence, Difficulty 6. The target may use a Reaction to roll Perc + Alertness to notice and avoid the new, imminent, danger.

Damage dealt equals the difference between your attack roll's outcome and the resistance roll's (if one was made), plus 3.The target's Armor is Fully Effective.


  • Concealed (Using this Effect is not obvious. Choose a Tell that occurs only when you use the Effect; if-- and only if-- someone suspects that a Effect was used, they must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 8 to pick up on your Tell.)
    • Tell - At least one person must hear me speak something aloud about it

  • Curse (Instead of taking effect immediately, you may apply this Power as a curse. Specify a condition that, when fulfilled, causes the suspended effect to occur. The target is informed that they have been cursed and of the condition.)


Armor Effectiveness: 0 ( Fully Effective ) Range: 1 ( 45 feet ) Damage: 2 ( 3 )

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