Russian Strength

He's not really half bear, he just looks like it

A 1 Gift Mythic Brawn Power used by Alexei "The Demolitionist" Petrovich, created by Lerinyth.


Alexei Petrovich has got to be the most muscled person you've ever seen. Tire sized arms, calved that could be melons, and a chest made of steel. He really is one of the strongest men alive.


Passive, always in effect. Your Brawn rating is increased by 3. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Brawn (Cannot be used on combat rolls or Power activations).

A given Contractor may have a maximum of one Mythic attribute. This Power can only be taken by Contractors who have purchased the fifth level of Brawn.


  • Samson (You have some marking, physical characteristic, or unique item that is the source of your power. If you lose it, all bonuses from this Power are lost for the next two months, or until you can recover the object if it is a unique item.)
    • Source of your Power - A series of tattoos on his body which take the shape of various explosive devices
  • Ham-Fisted (You cannot limit yourself when handling delicate objects or physically interacting with people. You may need to roll Dexterity + Athletics to avoid breaking things or causing unintended injury.)


Extra Brawn: 2 ( 3 )

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June 9, 2021, 6:16 p.m. - Revision Cost: 1. Added Enhancement: Heavy Hitter, Removed Drawback: Samson, Parameter Extra Brawn changed from 2 to 0.

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