Hearts & Minds

Edgar carefully scoops out the dead mans eye with one talon, before swallowing it whole with delight, "They took you by surprise, eh? Bad luck, friend."

A 1 Gift Read Memory Power created by Strazhari.


Edgar's ability to sift information from the corpses he consumes has increased. When eating a corpse he can exert mind & roll Per. + Inv. to probe the memories of the deceased. Only works on corpses. If Edgar can eat both the heart & brain of a subject, there is no expenditure required.

System Active

Select a Living, Animate target within Arm's Reach, Exert your Mind, spend 1 Minute establishing a connection, and roll Perception + Investigation Difficulty 6, which the target can contest by rolling Mind, Difficulty 6 as a Free Action. You must maintain concentration as long as you are reading their memories. The target is aware that their thoughts are being probed but not of the source. If the target moves out of range or your concentration is interrupted, the effect ends.

This Power lets you ask specific questions about the target’s memory like “what is their computer password,” “What were they doing at 4:00PM yesterday?” “When was the last time they met so and so?”, And answers generally play back like a scene. This Power does not allow you to glean large synthesis answers like “Is she a good person?” “Is she planning on backstabbing us?” “Is she popular?”


  • Memory miner (You may read memories that the target has forgotten.)
  • Multi-Tasker (This power does not require 100% concentration while you're using it.)
  • Conditionally Costless (This Power does not require Exertion in certain circumstances. The condition should be balanced such that the Power has an activation cost the majority of the time you are able to use it.)
    • Condition - Eat the brain & heart


  • Fuel (Using this Power consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
    • Fuel Unit - Eat at least a pound of the target
  • Contestable (The target must either consent to be targeted or be unconscious, hypnotized, thoroughly drugged, in surgery or similarly incapacitated such that they could not or would not roll to resist this Power.)


Cast Time: 1 ( 1 Minute ) Range: 0 ( Arm's Reach )

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June 29, 2021, 6:39 p.m. - Revision Cost: 1. Removed Enhancement: Multi-Tasker, Removed Drawback: Contestable

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